New Level Cap Podcast - Episode 15 | Games as a Platform

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Episode 15 (Recorded on April 15)

OFFICIAL Newsletter:

“Games as a Platform”


Brad is back! He and Marco talk about games as a platform. If you're a fan of a "game series" like Pokemon or Dark Souls, then you'll definitely know what we're talking about. What makes a game a good platform? What are the advantages and pitfalls? All that and more on this episode!

  1. A game is a platform when it continuously builds content on top of a pre-laid-out system (think of Pokemon or BattleCON).

  2. A game must first be a platform before it can become a service. A game that is not mutable, updateable, or extendable is usually hard to turn into a service.

  3. One must remember that there is a certain expectation to be met, but this must be balanced with a healthy dose of innovation to keep a platform fresh.

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Music provided by Wesley Slover