Level Cap Podcast: Episode 97


Episode 97 (Recorded on November 14)

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"You go from axes to a Megaman Buster.”

  1. Marco sings the opening

  2. What We’ve Been Doing: Betrayal Legacy, Castlevania, Black Desert Online

  3. The Pipeline: Chaons in Indines

    • Chaons are from the Plane of Chaos, a relatively “new” plane on the cusp of being born.

    • Chaons are a young race and are made of “pure light and ideas.”

    • They tend to be “representations” of concepts. For example, Iri represents the concept of justice.

    • Like many other otherplanar beings, Chaons manifest as humans on Indines. They are not always female.

  4. Your questions answered and our news delivered

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Music provided by Wesley Slover