Quest League

In Quest League events, you can play games with friends and attempt to complete a variety of quests. Quest League is free-form, and you can use any characters, formats, variants, or structure that you like when playing!

New Quests are released every month. Complete as many quests as you can each month to score extra points. Win or Lose, you'll also get bonus points for each game you play.

In a Quest League Event, the Organizer can participate alongside the players, and earns rewards for games played, just like they do!



Swiss-format Tournaments are a great way to test your skills and win big points. Players will pair off against others with similar rankings in a multi-round tournament, and all players will score points at the end of the tournament based on their win/loss record.

Each game has its own tournament formats. Organizers will need to be very familiar with the rules of each game in order to resolve any disputes that come up.

While Tournament Organizers earn league points based on the size of the Tournament they run, they are not able to compete in the event.