Sales and Release coming in July + June Recap

It's been a busy month of pre-press and proofing here at Level 99 Games. We've got some e...

BattleCON V4 & Millennium Blades Collusion Errata PNP

Hello, friends! As promised, we've finished making the print-and-play files for the Errata packs for Millennium Blad...

Empyreal, Grand Chronicle, New BC Promos, Old MB Promos

It's been a busy month for us in the Level 99 Games office. Even though we haven't had any big announcements or launc...

April 2021 Monthly Recap

With Millennium Blades Collusion winding down, Bullet♥︎ delivered, and BlazBlue Exceed now in the hands of fans, it's...

Empyreal: Far Corners

Empyreal: Far Corners is now live on Kickstarter! Empyreal: Spells & Steam is a beautiful game about building ra...

Monthly Progress Update - March 2021

Greetings friends! It's been a pretty eventful month here at Level 99 Games. Our biggest accomplishment this month ha...

Shipping Status Card

In order to more effectively communicate shipping and fulfillment information to you, we're introducing a new Shippin...

2021 Annual Retreat

Greetings friends! This week (March 15–19) the Level 99 Games team is embarking on our annual company retreat. We use...

February Monthly Recap

It's been an eventful month. I'm happy to report that we're almost finished delivering Millennium Blades Collusion!I...

Mutants in the Now

Today, we have a guest post from our friend Julian! If you've enjoyed any of the great lore from Level 99 Games in th...

Announcing Launch 99

In the past, we've done most of our major releases through a combination of Kickstarters and Pledge Managers. While this is a great system, it's not perfect for every project.

Level 99 Experience

One thing we always say at Level 99 is that a game is incomplete until it's played. That's right—you're the final component that turns all the paper and plastic in this box into a game! Without you, a game is nothing at all. 
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