April 2021 Monthly Recap

With Millennium Blades Collusion winding down, Bullet♥︎ delivered, and BlazBlue Exceed now in the hands of fans, it's been a very eventful April.

This also marks the moment when projects put into production last year and finally delivered. We hope that you're enjoying some or all of these games, which were delivered through some truly unique challenges.

Our latest big news is the launch of two new projects in April—Empyreal: Far Corners and Bullet Orange. While Orange's launch campaign is already finished up, Far Corners has about 48 hours left on Kickstarter, and we do need your help to fund it.

If you haven't gotten a chance to play one of the best games of 2020 and Level 99's most premium game ever, make sure to pledge now—if you don't... well... you might not get another chance. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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It's been a busy month, but I'm glad to have new games in your hands and an exciting selection of future projects to share with you in the coming months. Our team is working hard finish up the last few bits of project delivery and support, as well as to get Sakura Arms and Empyreal press-ready.

We look forward to unveiling new projects soon! No spoilers for now, but we've got an exciting second and third quarter lined up for you!

Happy gaming!

D. Brad Talton Jr.
Level 99 Games, President
If you compare this chart to last month, you'll see a huge surge of progress across almost all of our projects.

While there are still a few things left to do for our completed projects, the bulk of fulfillment has been accomplished and we're looking forward to the future.
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