Malicious Preview Blog – Haddie & The Dredge

Malicious Preview Blog – Haddie & The Dredge

Malicious Preview Blog – Haddie & The Dredge

Welcome back to The Fog! The new Malicious Expansion for Dead by Daylight: The Board Game is coming out soon and will introduce new Survivors, new Killers, and new Maps. In these monthly previews, I’ll share some of the new content with you as we lead up to release!

Haddie is one of the most aggressive Survivors we’ve devised for Dead by Daylight, and can prove to be a real pain for the Killer. Let’s take a look at her perks:

Overzealous: When you enter the Killer's space, gain 1 BP.

Overzealous is Haddie’s signature perk, and it’s quite straightforward—face the Killer head-on and you get a BP.

Residual Manifest: When the Killer would interact in your space, discard an item to prevent that interaction.

This helps to power Haddie’s more dangerous perk, Residual Manifest, which turns any item Haddie is carrying into a pseudo-Flashlight.

Inner Focus: When you would move with your card, instead roll two Skill Check dice and choose one. Move directly to the corresponding starting space on the board. (You then interact as normal).

Inner Focus is a unique, wildcard perk that relates to Haddie’s connection with The Dredge (more on that in a moment). Instead of moving as she planned, Haddie can roll two dice and teleport to the starting space matching one of the die rolls. If your plans don’t turn out just as you expected, you can try a different movement (one that will likely put you far away from your current position).

Haddie’s BP generation, disruption, and unconventional movement make her a difficult Survivor to pin down, and a constant thorn in the Killer’s side.

So, The Dredge. This was a challenging Killer to create, and I’m really excited by what we managed to put together. As another hard-difficulty Killer, The Dredge will be a fun challenge for experienced players.

Like many difficult Killers, the Dredge actually has two abilities. Reign of Darkness allows him to pull Survivors further along paths, using their own cards. This means that instead of chasing after Survivors, the Dredge actually wants to get in front of them and pull them further along their paths.

The Dredge accomplishes this with its passive ability. Instead of using the normal 4-color movement cards and Wait, The Dredge has 6 numbered cards that show the faces of the skill dice. It uses these to teleport between the starting spaces on the board. Truly, this Killer threatens every place at once.

Darkness Revealed: When you enter a space with an unoccupied locker, do not reveal a prop. Instead, flip that locker face-down to move again along any path before interacting (if you would interact).

Darkness Revealed is The Dredge’s unique perk, and allows it to make extra movements by turning lockers face-down. This will certainly make the Survivors more cautious about opening up Survival props during their exploration of the map.

Dissolution: At the start of the planning phase, place a BP from the supply on a path without any other component. Survivors that move along that path become wounded. Remove that BP from the board at the end of cleanup.

Dissolution allows The Dredge to block a path. Skilled players can use this to corral the Survivors and force them to reserve a certain color of card—which the Dredge will use later on to control their movement.

Septic Touch: After a Survivor reveals a non-objective prop in your space or a connected space, remove that prop from the game board.

Septic Touch gives the Dredge a great deal of control over the board in its immediate vicinity. This perk can be used to remove Crows, Chests, Pallets, and Hex Totems, severely limiting the Survivors’ options and keeping them in the exploration phase of the game for longer.

With this array of deadly perks and abilities, the Dredge can lock down the entire map and erode the props that Survivors need to fight back, while setting up to capture Survivors in unpredictable ways and in remote corners of the map.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this preview of a new Killer and Survivor for Dead by Daylight: The Board Game! Look out for more reveals in the coming weeks! And don't forget to pre-order the Malicious Expansion, coming out in fall 2024!

Thanks for playing, and see you next time in The Fog!

— D. Brad Talton Jr.
Dead by Daylight™: The Board Game Lead Designer