Street Fighter Exceed Shipping Update

After a few unexpected delays, Street Fighter Exceed has finally arrived at our warehouse and is shipping now! Pre-orders should go out in the next 24 hours, and should arrive with you within 1-3 days!

Street Fighter Exceed won’t be in regular stores until May, so this is the best place to grab your copy until then! If you haven’t yet, you can order your copy from our online store and get our store-exclusive Street Fighter Exceed playmat as part of the bundle, available while supplies last!

Jump right in and learn the ropes of Exceed with our fighter previews and gameplay guides!

Thanks so much for your patience with these unforeseen delays. From the whole Level 99 Games team, we hope that you enjoy Street Fighter Exceed!

Exceed: Street Fighter (Season 3 Bundle)
99.95 119.95

Exceed Season 3 features fighters from Capcom's illustrious fighting game franchise, Street Fighter!

Contains 3 boxes, each featuring 4 fighters for a total of 12 playable characters, and a woven-edge play mat exclusive to the Level 99 Games Online Store! The mat is 24”x14”.

The playmat features a woven edge designed to prolong the life of the mat and make for a smoother playing experience.

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