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Pixel Tactics 4

Step back into the Golden Age of Strategy Gaming!

  • 2 Players

  • Play Time: 30 minutes

  • Intensity: High

  • Designed by D. Brad Talton Jr.

  • Illustrated by Fábio Fontes

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A Legacy Question - and some game pitches for you!

A Legacy Question - and some game pitches for you!

In my recent games of Stonemaier Games's Charterstone, I've been thinking about what kind of Legacy game (if any) would be a good fit for the Level 99 Games line. I've thought about a few possibilities for a game like this since the genre got started, but I'm curious what you think, and maybe if you have any suggestions for me...

Weekly Article: Pixel Tactics Formats by D

Weekly Article: Pixel Tactics Formats by D

Hey, everyone! Welcome to our new piece of Daily Content! Every Tuesday, we will be releasing articles about our games! These can range from simple things like analyzing the base pentagon in BattleCON to complex card counting in EXCEED. This week, we have a wonderful Pixel Tactics article from community member D (Daniel Zeiger).

Let's Play Friday: PTO World 2

Let's Play Friday: PTO World 2

Hey, everyone! Marco here to tell you that we're releasing commentated game-play videos of Pixel Tactics Online over at our YouTube Channel. We'll be releasing new episodes of the Let's Play every week.

This week, Marco attempts to demolish World 2-2.

Pixel Tactics Online: Basic Tutorial

Pixel Tactics Online: Basic Tutorial

Hey, everyone!

We read your comments and saw that some of you were confused with our latest Pixel Tactics Online video. Some of our viewers were not able to follow the game because they were not acquainted with the rules of the game.

So, we've released a new video that goes over the basic rules of Pixel Tactics Online! Pixel Tactics veterans may also want to watch in order to see the differences between this and the physical game!