Our Fourth $5 Game Deal : Noir Automata


A mystery thriller with cops, killers, robots and so much more! This week’s $5 game is none other than Noir Automata. This deductive mystery keeps all the fun of the original Noir while being in the setting of Penny Arcades Automata. That’s not the only thing that’s new; 2 new game modes have been added, "Buddy Cop" and "Dragnet". Use your social deduction skills to achieve your goals and outwit your opponent. With new game modes that allow groups of 2-4 play you can pull out Noir Automata with a variety of groups. The sale ends Friday 9/13 so don’t miss out. This deal is so good its criminal!

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Noir Automata

Automata NOIR is a new edition of the modern classic "NOIR" that features the world and characters from the original Automata comic created by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins.

The game features iconic characters Carl Swangee and Sam Regal, as well as a host of new and lesser-known faces, illustrated by artist Charlie Bates.

Automata NOIR Features 5 Game Modes, including 2 brand-new ones and 2 updated classics!

  • Killer vs. Inspector - The classic hunter-or-hunted game, updated with new rules.

  • Spy Tag - A 3- and 4-player game where players try to score points by capturing rivals.

  • Buddy Cop - An all new 3-player variant where two Police players work as a team to take on a single Criminal.

  • Dragnet - A 3- and 4- player deductive game that pits players against one another to solve a conspiracy by connecting suspects.

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Review Review - A recap of reviews for our games!

Review Review - A recap of reviews for our games!

Hello, friends! Marco, here! Over the past few weeks, reviewers have mentioned some of our games in their 2018 summaries and con reviews. In fact, some have even reviewed our games in full videos! We thought it only be fair to give a shout-out to these creators as thanks for their mentions.

That’s what the Review Review is about! It lets you find reviews for our games; all packaged in one convenient place! Without further ado, onto the Review Review!

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A Legacy Question - and some game pitches for you!

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