BattleCON Online | Making CONnections - Episode 42 (Godlike!)

BattleCON Online | Making CONnections - Episode 42 (Godlike!)

Play it on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/792570/BattleCON_Online/

Marco plays Cesar as per request! See if he's a god of greatness or a god of losing! If you want to suggest a character for Marco to play, tell us in the comments below!

v0.18 - Evil Hikaru Arrives!


v0.18 Patch Notes

Welcome to Patch 0.18! 

This is a small one, with a bunch of bugfixes and the release of our next character: Evil Hikaru! Kickstarter backers have been able to play him for a bit, but now everyone can go at it!


  • Evil Hikaru is now available for all players as a purchasable fighter.

  • Evil Hikaru's listed difficulty updated to 4, from 3.

  • Cesar's listed difficulty updated to 3, from 2.

Balance Changes:

Evil Hikaru:

  • Pure Evil - Power raised from -1 to +0. Pure Evil is Evil Hikaru's hardest Style to use due to lack of defenses and low Priority; this should help put the reward in line with the risk.

  • Devastator now hits at Range 4 if the Power debuff does not apply (at 2 or fewer tokens). Evil Hikaru's ranges are... spotty at best, and he's particularly weak when at range. Devastator is a hard Base to use due to its movement issues, but this should give him an interesting ranged option that he needs to work for.

Other Bugfixes and Changes

  • Added: X-Range / Special Ranges now show an effect pop-up on hit to clarify that they landed a hit through special effects instead of normal range calculation.

  • Fixed: (Burman) Dragon's Descent dodge effect did not activate properly.

  • Fixed: Hail the King, Aegis, Sweet Revenge now gain Power properly when interacting with Blessing.

  • Updated: Seven's card evolutions were changed from End: timing to Recycle: timing.

  • Fixed: Evil Hikaru regain life bug with Finisher.

  • Fixed: Alexian's Mighty style affecting Finishers.

  • Fixed: At 5 clashes, the game will trigger "Auto Cleanup" to clean all statuses.

  • Fixed: Bug that caused some fighters to say Finisher voice lines during regular attacks.

  • Fixed: A bug on Mac and Linux where the card name color was grey, but was meant to be an non-grey color.

  • Fixed: A glitch with force effect in the UI.

  • Changed: How ping system works for better Disconnect detection.

  • Fixed: Disconnection message will no longer pop up while trying to authenticate if you take too long.