BattleCON ONline Patch v0.19 - Iri Arrives!


v0.19 Patch Notes


New Fighter: Iri – A Magical Girl from Space who transforms into 3 different forms to adapt to any situation! Available in the in-game store for 450 (or 1500). Season 3 Pass holders have automatically received this new fighter.

unnamed (1).png

Avatar Shop – A new section of the shop is open! The Avatar Shop lets you buy different avatars to customize your profile and show your style! Simply click the “Avatars” tab in the shop to see what you can buy.


Tooltips – Keywords and effects are now explained in-game. This should make it easier to remember what everything does. Just mouse-over the cards in-game to see their tooltips.


Balance Changes

With each patch, we are constantly updating the balance and playability of fighters in BattleCON Online. Here are recent changes by our developers intended to improve the balance and competitive meta of BattleCON Online.


  • Blistering: Now has 1 Power, from 2

  • Dragonbreath: Now has 1 Power, from 0. Now has "Start: You may spend 2 Firepower to deal 2 life loss the first time opponent Advances this beat." instead of its previous On Hit.

  • Dragon's Descent: Now has 7 Power, from 8. Now has 1 Priority, from 2.

Developer's Notes: This should flatten Burman's power curve somewhat rather than just making him constantly rely on Blistering as the key trading/beat-winning tool. In return, Dragonbreath becomes a lot more favorable at midrange while also giving him a powerful tool to punish predictable advances. Dragon's Descent change opens up more options for Burst to counter it, while slightly reducing its effectiveness. More fine-tuned changes may come later, but we want to see how this plays out.


  • UA: Now loses Trance equal to Level when leveling up (or hitting Level Cap), instead of all Trance.

Developer's Notes: One really awkward thing about Magdelina was that Blessing was often useless for gaining Trance, because she would lose the bonus counter if it was used too close to her leveling up. This should open up a lot more opportunities for her to play Blessing during the game. Her actual level up rate is unchanged, outside of Blessing situations.


  • Expulsion: Now specifies Staff -may- be moved to -unoccupied- space.

  • Quake: Stun guard to 3 from 4

Developer's Notes: Right now, Expulsion Caster and Expulsion Dodge make it too easy for Kimbhe to regain her Staff, essentially wiping out a lot of potential staff control the opponent could play. This should make her work a bit harder to get that constant +2 Power, and limit her ability to easily close games with Quickening's +4 Priority.


  • Tactical: Now has Hit: You may spend 2 Force for +1 Power.

  • Locus: Now has Start: If the opponent is on your Projection, Gain 2 Force and Pull 1.

  • Field: Now has Hit: Gain 2 Force in addition to immobilizing opponent.

  • Hollow: Now has Damage: Gain 1 Force.

  • Silver: Now has -1 Power, +1 Priority.

  • Fulminating Vortex: Now has 7 Power, from 8

  • Ritherwhyte Infusion: Now has Hit: Gain 2 Life.

Developer's Notes: Tactical, despite having good stats, tended to be underwhelming. Part of this is the amount of power wrapped up in Silver/Implosion at the moment, and part of it is the fact Sarafina never really went in for big damage spikes. These changes give her more resources to play with in terms of cashing out Force for Power as a way to get riskier, more interesting damage as well as generally tapping up her power level.


  • Cold: Now has +0~1 Range.

  • Remote: Now has After: Advance up to 1.

Developer's Notes: These should make Seven's early-game a little less rough, given how risky her Ranges tend to be at the moment (how easily she can lock herself out of being able to hit). Heated was way better than Cold, so this should help Cold look a bit better in comparison too!

Other Bugfixes and Changes


  • Heartbeat system.

  • Linux and Mac now run on 2k Textures.

  • How textures are assorted for better performance.

  • Internal Game engine to support latest features.

  • Punctuation for one of Mikhail’s voice lines.

  • Discard pile support.

  • 99% of how Friends Lists worked for a more optimized solution.


  • A bug where your shop would crash from irrelevant data.

  • A crash in tutorial 3.

  • Force gauge animation broken in some cases.

  • Mikhail’s voice line not playing properly.

  • Game's Icon and Title being incorrect.

  • Game getting stuck on login for some people.

  • Non-attacking finishers causing the character to say its voices lines the following beat.


  • Instant status reporting (for friends list.)

  • Better support from undefined crashes.

  • Discard a source triggers for Iri and future fighters.

  • A fix for viewing different shops in different builds.

  • A whole new animated background for the Holiday Season.

  • Profile caching for faster load times for friends and opponents.

v0.18 - Evil Hikaru Arrives!


v0.18 Patch Notes

Welcome to Patch 0.18! 

This is a small one, with a bunch of bugfixes and the release of our next character: Evil Hikaru! Kickstarter backers have been able to play him for a bit, but now everyone can go at it!


  • Evil Hikaru is now available for all players as a purchasable fighter.

  • Evil Hikaru's listed difficulty updated to 4, from 3.

  • Cesar's listed difficulty updated to 3, from 2.

Balance Changes:

Evil Hikaru:

  • Pure Evil - Power raised from -1 to +0. Pure Evil is Evil Hikaru's hardest Style to use due to lack of defenses and low Priority; this should help put the reward in line with the risk.

  • Devastator now hits at Range 4 if the Power debuff does not apply (at 2 or fewer tokens). Evil Hikaru's ranges are... spotty at best, and he's particularly weak when at range. Devastator is a hard Base to use due to its movement issues, but this should give him an interesting ranged option that he needs to work for.

Other Bugfixes and Changes

  • Added: X-Range / Special Ranges now show an effect pop-up on hit to clarify that they landed a hit through special effects instead of normal range calculation.

  • Fixed: (Burman) Dragon's Descent dodge effect did not activate properly.

  • Fixed: Hail the King, Aegis, Sweet Revenge now gain Power properly when interacting with Blessing.

  • Updated: Seven's card evolutions were changed from End: timing to Recycle: timing.

  • Fixed: Evil Hikaru regain life bug with Finisher.

  • Fixed: Alexian's Mighty style affecting Finishers.

  • Fixed: At 5 clashes, the game will trigger "Auto Cleanup" to clean all statuses.

  • Fixed: Bug that caused some fighters to say Finisher voice lines during regular attacks.

  • Fixed: A bug on Mac and Linux where the card name color was grey, but was meant to be an non-grey color.

  • Fixed: A glitch with force effect in the UI.

  • Changed: How ping system works for better Disconnect detection.

  • Fixed: Disconnection message will no longer pop up while trying to authenticate if you take too long.

BattleCON: Online is live now! -- All fighters free for one week!

BattleCON: Online is live now! -- All fighters free for one week!

Please enjoy all of our early access fighters during this launch week celebration! All fighters will be available to play from launch until midnight on Sunday, September 9th!

Play now on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/792570/BattleCON_Online/

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BattleCON Online Preview: Tacticians

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BattleCON Online Preview: Heavies

BattleCON Online Preview: Heavies

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Tourney Talk - BCO Tournament Meta Dicussion

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BattleCON Online OST on YouTube!

BattleCON Online OST on YouTube!

We released the BattleCON Official Soundtrack on YouTube! Now, you can listen to your favorite character themes without having to play!

Share them with a friend who loves some fighting music!

Listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvEp1AmOv_Q&list=PLwvhJFemdC7PZoXKK4Xp7Onb18HEsmsLa

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Let's Play Friday: BattleCON Online Preview

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