March Community Contest: Alternate Costume Design!

Open now through April 3rd

In our Extended Editions of BattleCON: War and BattleCON: Devastation, we've included alternate costumes for characters featuring new variants and abilities. This March, we give you the opportunity to be part of that tradition by designing your own custom costume!

Community members are invited to design and submit a custom costume for an existing BattleCON character. The entry consists of two parts: A visual description of the character, and an alternate Unique Ability that works with the character's cards and tokens.

The theme for this costume contest is Earth Day (which is on Saturday, April 22)! We'll present the contest showcase on that day as well!

Crafting your Entry

  1. Any BattleCON character from War, Devastation, or Fate is eligible to receive an alternate costume. Characters from unreleased games or expansions should not be selected.
    1. Characters may use their own UA-related components, or UA-related components from other BattleCON Characters. For example, you could give Shekhtur Elemental Tokens, if you wished, and if they work within the rest of her kit.
    2. Characters may repurpose or reimagine their existing UA-related components. For example, you could cause Eligor to gain a power bonus from Vengeance Tokens, instead of a defense bonus.
    3. Characters may have new UA-related components. For example, you could give Lesandra a new set of familiars, with different effects and names than her existing ones.
    4. If Styles, Bases, or Finishers from the character's default kit interact with their new costume UA differently, make note of these interactions in your entry.


    1. Each person is allowed one entry to the contest, so make it count!
    2. Entries are to be .RTF or .TXT files that contain the following:
      1. Your real name and email address - If you want to be credited under a pseudonym in our showcase, include that pseudonym here too.
      2. Character's Name and Costume Name
      3. Description of the costume Appearance - You can include reference photos and sketches, but this should primarily be text.
      4. Alternate Unique Ability, plus any notes and additional explanations.
      5. Aside from this, your entry may optionally include a brief explanation as to how the theme inspired you to design the character in such a manner.
    3. Attach your .RTF or .TXT file to an email and send it to with the Subject Line "March Costume Creation Contest".
    4. All entries must be family friendly. We will not consider costumes that are inappropriate or mature in nature. If you are confused as to whether or not your character is considered PG-rated, it likely means that it is not!
    5. All entries must be in our inbox on or before midnight on April 3, 2017. Any characters sent after this will not be considered. Sorry!
    6. Remember that by submitting your character idea, you are granting us permission to print/sell it at a later date, and to share it with the community!

    Judging Criteria

    We will judge each entry according to these criteria:

    1. Originality - Does the costume surprise us and inspire us? Does it shine a new light on an existing character and let us get to know them better?
    2. Theming - How well have you captured the theme ("Earth Day") and integrated it into your design?
    3. Mechanics - How well do the new mechanics function on the game table? Is it fun and balanced to play?
    4. Technique - Is the new UA explained cleanly and are its ideas executed well? Are all the loose ends in the character's kit tied up neatly?


    • (1) Grand Prize - Alternate Art of your custom costume by one of our series artists, 10 copies of your Alternate Art Character Kit, plus First Prize awards. Your costume may also be included in future Extended Editions or as a promo at Level 99 Games events.
    • (5) First Prize - $20 Gift Code in our online store, plus entry into the showcase!

    Thanks for getting involved in the BattleCON Community, and good luck! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    - Brad Talton