Exceed Shovel Knight Preview - Treasure Knight

Exceed Shovel Knight is shipping in Q4! You can pre-order your copy from our online store and get an awesome Shovel Knight playmat as part of the bundle! Look out for a new Knight preview each week as we prepare for the game's release!


The big boss of the Iron Whale, Treasure Knight, rises from the depths! Often described as “greedy, but resilient”, this tidal terror fights with a mix of heavy-hitting moves and high mobility. Attempting to capture all of these aspects of Treasure Knight was quite a challenge, but we’re happy with the final result. Let’s dive into his kit!

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Key Design Idea: Efficiency

Being the greedy Knight that he is, Treasure Knight’s entire kit is dedicated to efficiency and re-using his resources as much as possible. Treasure Knight’s Unique Ability lets him generate Force for free during Strikes. This means that he often gets to save on resources he otherwise would have had to spend. For example, Treasure Knight’s Anchor Launch Force Special has the amazing stats and effects that most other Force Specials have but, thanks to his ability, it is effectively free, letting him have his cake and eat it, too!

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Many of Treasure Knight’s cards allow him to spend Force for various utility effects. Aqua Mine, for example, lets him spend Force to Retreat, letting him dodge the opponent’s attack or set-up for the next one. In true Treasure Knight fashion, these attacks let him choose how much he wants to spend, giving him huge control over his economy and resources.

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Treasure Knight’s true power is unleashed once he’s in Exceed Mode. Rather than generating free Force during Strikes, he can now do it whenever he has to pay for Force! This means that Treasure Knight’s Change Cards, Move, and Boost Actions receive a significant buff.

A boost like Secure Vault is quite expensive, asking Treasure Knight to invest a grand total of 3 Force just to Gauge some cards from his Discard and draw a few cards, assuming he doesn’t use his Unique Ability. However, using his Exceed Mode Ability, Secure Vault only costs 1 Force total, making it quite good for generating tons of resources!

Exceed Card Previews - Shovel Knight117.png

Treasure Knight is, overall, a defensive fighter with many tools that help increase his longevity in order to help him gather more resources over time. The Diving Suit boost lets him grant any of his attacks bonus Armor, making him one tough customer!

Finally, once he’s stockpiled his resources, it’s time to cash it all in. Maelstrom Chest lets Treasure Knight convert his excess force into pure damage, giving him a game-ending threat!

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I hope you enjoyed this look into Treasure Knight! Tune in next week for some gameplay of Tinker Knight VS Treasure Knight! See you then!

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Exceed Season 4 features fighters from Yacht Club Games’ shovel-tastic platformer, Shovel Knight!

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The playmat features a woven edge designed to prolong the life of the mat and make for a smoother playing experience.

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