Exceed Shovel Knight Preview - Tinker Knight

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Tinker Knight is well-remembered for being one of the most unique boss fights in Shovel Knight. Surprisingly weak, he is easily defeated by the player. However, little do they know that this Knight’s got a GIANT mech or two up his sleeve! This quickly turns Tinker Knight’s fight from a cakewalk to a hail of missiles and mech charges. Now, it’s your turn to pilot this marvel of machinery!

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Key Design Idea: Phases

Tinker Knight starts off at a significant disadvantage. He only has half the usual starting life and his Unique Ability is effectively blank. Tinker Knight spends a large majority of the early game preparing the parts of his mech. Then, much like in the video game, once you defeat him, Tinker Knight flies off screen and brings in the big guns.

Once in Exceed Mode, Tinker Knight is one of the most terrifying characters in the game; with attacks that are borderline unfair in terms of stats and effects. This is where that early game performance becomes important as the mech’s starting life depends on how much Gauge Tinker Knight has stockpiled before flipping, so make sure you have enough to fuel your end-game onslaught!

Exceed Card Previews - Shovel Knight110.png

As you can see, cards like Wrench Toss (above) are quite lackluster, being weaker than your average attack. This is because a big part of Tinker Knight’s power comes from his amazing boosts (just look at Rocket Fuel). They’re so good that they’re some of the most expensive boosts in the game, costing 4 Force each. Good Tinker Knight players are often willing to spend that much to supercharge their attacks.

However, should that be too much of an investment, Tinker Knight’s Within My Reach boost just lets him play them for free!


Your eyes don’t deceive you, friend. That character card is, indeed, HUGE. Rather than occupying one space like most characters, Tinker Knight’s mech is so large that it takes up three whole spaces! This effectively “shrinks” the board, making it harder to run away from Tinker Knight’s attacks, while also emphasizing the “second phase boss fight” feel. On the other hand, it also means that Tinker Knight is significantly easier to hit, so be ready to fight!

Exceed Card Previews - Shovel Knight109.png

Tinker Knight’s Exceed Mode also supercharges all of his attacks, treating them as if they had their boost effects applied! This means that Tinker Knight gains the benefit of his amazing boosts without having to pay for them. Cards like Drill Arm go from “mediocre” to “oppressively strong” in a heartbeat, especially if Tinker Knight powers it up with boosts from his other cards.

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That’s it for this week’s preview! Tune in next time for more insights into the cast of Exceed Shovel Knight!

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