Exceed Shovel Knight Preview - Shovel & Shield Knight

Exceed Shovel Knight is shipping in Q4! You can pre-order your copy from our online store and get an awesome Shovel Knight playmat as part of the bundle! Look out for a new knight preview each week as we prepare for the game's release!


This season of Exceed has to have the title character in the set, but we already have Shovel Knight as a promo! How do we go about this, exactly? Well, this iteration of Shovel Knight has him working along-side his partner, Shield Knight. Taking inspiration from their gameplay together in the original game, this pair makes for a unique kind of duo-fighter!

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Key Design Idea: Partnership

Most other duo-fighters are made in such a way that either the marker supports the fighter (Miska & Bear) or the fighter supports the marker (Sydney & Serena). Shovel & Shield Knight are unique in that we’ve designed them such that you feel like you’re actually fighting two equals, putting emphasis on their partnership.

Shield Knight herself has a variety of powerful effects that make her a threat. These include the ability to let Shovel Knight spring off her shield, as well as the capacity to just tank hits for her partner by placing herself between him and the opponent.

Exceed Card Previews - Shovel Knight96.png

Many of the duo’s attacks actually calculate from Shield Knight’s space. In fact, some of their most powerful attacks are executed by Shield Knight. Shield Boomerang, for example, is one of the game’s most powerful Ultras, giving them a near-invincible ranged attack, when the pair positions well.

Exceed Card Previews - Shovel Knight94.png

That’s not to say that Shovel Knight’s a slouch either! Unlike his earlier iteration, this Shovel Knight has bigger, meatier attacks. His Charge Slash finally makes an appearance, letting him destroy opponent Blocks and Focuses if he takes the initiative. Supported by Shield Knight’s defense, Shovel Knight can afford to be a bit more all-in.

Exceed Card Previews - Shovel Knight97.png

However, Shovel & Shield Knight truly shine when they start working together. Their Tandem Attack Ultra showcases just what they can achieve with teamwork. Should Shovel Knight share Shield Knight’s space when they Tandem Attack, the Ultra’s already decent range is further improved by Shield Knight’s ability to extend Shovel Knight’s movements.

Exceed Card Previews - Shovel Knight39.png

I hope you all enjoyed looking at this tag team duo! Watch out next week as we start getting into the Order of No Quarter, also known as the bosses!

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Exceed Season 4 features fighters from Yacht Club Games’ shovel-tastic platformer, Shovel Knight!

This contains 2 boxes, each featuring 4 fighters. In addition, the bundle contains 2 standalone Solo Fighters for a total of 10 playable characters! Also includes a woven-edge playmat exclusive to the Level 99 Games Online Store! The mat is 24”x14”.

Please note the art for playmat is not final. Finalized version will include life trackers and gauge for both players.

The playmat features a woven edge designed to prolong the life of the mat and make for a smoother playing experience.

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