Exceed Shovel Knight Preview - Mole Knight

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The titan of tunneling himself, Mole Knight, springs forth! A master of digging, this Knight places a heavy emphasis on quick, but limited movement. With his ability to burrow into the earth, Mole Knight can suddenly appear somewhere else on the board! Let’s dig into his kit!

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Exceed Card Previews - Shovel Knight20.png

Key Design Idea: Set-Ups

Mole Knight’s Unique Ability gives him access to a special Burrow Marker. When initiating a Strike, Mole Knight may gain a Before effect that lets him move onto his Burrow’s space, essentially giving him a teleport. This ability is quite powerful and emulates how Mole Knight can quickly move while digging. By positioning his Burrow properly, Mole Knight can easily set-up situations that make it hard for his opponents to respond to all his available options.

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Mole Knight truly shines when he can abuse his Burrow ability. One big hindrance to this is Mole Knight himself. He can’t really take advantage of the Burrow if he’s already on it! This is where cards like Headbutt come in. Being a Force Special, Headbutt is quite powerful, almost always positively trading against most cards. Though, what truly makes it special is that it also moves Mole Knight, leaving his Burrow open for future set-up opportunities.

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Once the Burrow is open, Mole Knight can start his typical game plan, affectionately referred to in testing as the “quantum hyper mole”. One important thing to note about his ability is that Mole Knight moves to his Burrow as a Before effect; not when he sets his cards to Strike. This means that Mole Knight doesn’t have to enter the opponent’s range until he attacks!

Cards like Diving Dig abuse this well. Thanks to its low Speed, Mole Knight can initiate a Strike from a safe distance, where faster cards like Grasp won’t hit. Then, once he’s primed to attack, Mole Knight can come in and stun out any slow defensive cards thanks to Diving Dig’s Ignore Guard.

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Opponents will inevitably attempt to close-in on Mole Knight in order to negate the mix-up capabilities of his Burrow. Dives and Assaults tend to give him a bad day. It’s a good thing that Mole Knight’s Cave In is here here to save the day! With its unique ability to prevent enemy movement, Cave In lets Mole Knight lock opponents down, refresh his resources, and keep his Burrow set-up for next turn!

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I hope you all dig these previews! Mole Knight is definitely an exciting character to play due to his unique playstyle. Tune in next week for another preview blog!

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