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It's time to show off some more Exceed Shovel Knight characters! It's Marco's Treasure Knight VS tirankin's Tinker Knight! Who will succeed? Watch this episode to find out!

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Exceed: Shovel Knight (Season 4 Bundle Pre-Order)
99.00 114.00

Exceed Season 4 features fighters from Yacht Club Games’ shovel-tastic platformer, Shovel Knight!

This contains 2 boxes, each featuring 4 fighters. In addition, the bundle contains 2 standalone Solo Fighters for a total of 10 playable characters! Also includes a woven-edge playmat exclusive to the Level 99 Games Online Store! The mat is 24”x14”.

Please note the art for playmat is not final. Finalized version will include life trackers and gauge for both players.

The playmat features a woven edge designed to prolong the life of the mat and make for a smoother playing experience.