Moving Offices and Treasure Boxes!

Loot Box

We’ve recently moved into our new office space, but the warehouse is in disarray! Rather than hide all the clutter in a corner, we’ve decided to open the boxes for you—in the form of treasure boxes!


Help us clear out our new space by snagging some random treasures from our past and making them your own! Each box will include 1 game or art book valued between $10 and $200, 3 smaller promotional items, and a signed prototype card from Level 99 Games’ illustrious history. What a deal! Plus, who doesn't enjoy a good surprise?

Want to know a little more about what will go in each box? Despite the fact that they are mysteries, we can’t help but give you a sneak peek of some options available. Read on!

What’s in the Treasure Box?


3 Common Items: These items are promotional cards that we, our friends, or our partners have published over the years. A few examples are Seventh Cross UFS or Indines UFS Single Promo “Box Topper” Cards, Exceed Demo Decks, Organized Play Promos, and much more!


1 Rare Item: These are big items, each of which has retailed for $10 or more over the course of its product life. A few options are complete games, both in print and out of print, across various editions, previously unpublished “secret rare” promo cards, large promos published by our partners on Kickstarter, and more!

signed cards.jpg

Signed Prototype: This is an extremely special item! Brad has agreed to sign and include a card from one of our many prototypes in each box. A few different cards are pictured here, but there are many varieties from published and unpublished games alike throughout the years. We are really excited to share these one of a kind items! You might even discover some secrets from our long and storied development history!

Treasure Box
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If you’ve been gaming anytime during the past decade, you know how these things work—the more you buy, the more you save! Grab at least 9 boxes at once and choose “USPS Ground” as your shipping method to get free shipping in the USA!

This deal is so good, no (treasure) box can contain it for long! Available ONLY while supplies last.