Monday Collusion Content - Aaron G

Aaron had always wanted to be a professional singer, but he had never found anything he really connected with. Something to really sing about. Nothing until he found Millennium Blades. There was excitement at every turn! From opening packs to playing in tournaments, you never knew what was going to happen next. Now this was something that he could write lyrics about! Something that everyone needed to hear! His experience with the game was something that he could only express through song.

Amazed that a card game could be presented in any medium besides cardboard, fans flocked to Aaron’s side. His first hit single, “Play, Don’t Get Played”, topped the UK charts for five months in a row. As a player, he went Double Platinum Pro within his first year of competition. Though he now has fame and fortune, he stays true to his roots and his love of the game. He still buys packs of cards instead of singles and would rather play with someone else’s deck than one he made himself. The excitement of playing with the hand you’re dealt, that’s Millennium Blades to Aaron.

Ithry here with your Monday Collusion Content update! Aaron is the last character unlocked for the project...and for good reason! This newcomer brings quite a bit more to the table than most characters!

Aaron Character.png

A character that plays from a pre-made stack of cards? What is this, a card game or something? What mysteries does his deck contain?

Mystery Cards.png

The Mystery Deck is comprised of 12 cards - a lot more than a normal hand in Millennium Blades. Instead of the tired strategy of playing specific cards at specific times, Aaron is all about rolling with the punches! His Mystery cards allow you to get new cards as you play the tournament, but have mitigation involved so you don’t just get stuck with something totally wack. You can always swap out Mystery cards for normal ones during Deckbuilding, but being able to play them when you want is another story!

Every Mystery card puts a Sell Marker on the new card played, so you can cash out hard on effects that might not benefit you as much as it might others. Want to do the same with non-Mystery cards in your deck? You'll have to pay up for that!


What’s this Deck Box do? Who knows! It has the potential to do a lot, if you get lucky! His Pro Player card lets you get access to random cards AND get rewarded for playing them!


Jam out with Aaron and get his friendship!

That's enough cards for one week! Next week, I'll show you the remainder of Aaron's Mystery cards!