BattleCON Unleashed - Weekly Update: Art & Status

It's been a busy week over here (as always, it seems). Here's our latest on what's happening with the BattleCON Unleashed Project!

Art Update

This week, I'd like to show off some of our bonus costumes! Specifically, backer-created costumes! Here are two that are completed so far: Single Strike Feylana, and Young Kajia. Also, I've got the front side of the game board for Devastation ready to show off. Scroll down to see it!

Project Progress

All Character Guides for Devastation RE are finished up!

  • The game board is just about done as well (only the boss side remains to be finished up).

  • Patch Cards (War / Fate / Trials) have been updated to reflect new templating and rebalancing.

  • Several Promo Fighters are finished up and moving out of testing.

We've made good progress on BattleCON, but there have been a few setbacks. Our boss encounters in Devastation haven't tested as well as he hoped, so I'm revising those this week, and sending them back for another round of testing next week.

  • Revise bosses & resubmit for testing.

  • Final gameboard art for the 9-space side

  • Finish up testing on a few promos.

So now we're at a point where we're waiting mostly on our testing and balancing team to get the new cards finished up. I don't anticipate this will take too long, since most of these fighters have been around for ages. But still, it's a thing we have to account for.

Grand Chronicle

So what's happening with Grand Chronicle? Well, we originally concepted this book as a big, hardcover artbook that would tell all the stories of the World of Indines—a kind of gazette of major plotlines.

Once we started working on this project, however, we realized it was going to be a lot more. Each story is shaping up to be 12-16 pages, and between the published and unpublished games in the World of Indines, there are 19 of these stories to assemble, plus unique art for each of them. I hoped that we would finish things up alongside Devastation. Now, having reviewed our progress on the Chronicle compared to the progress of Devastation, it's no longer possible to entertain those notions.

I've learned from past experiences in production that trying to rush or cut a project, rather than committing fully to do everything you want to do properly, is a fast track to delivering substandard work. Rather than changing our plans and delivering a smaller or less-involved artbook, we're going to buckle down and do what it takes to make the book everything we've envisioned—but there's no way to do it on the same timeline as Unleashed.

So, long story short, doing it exactly how we want to do it is taking longer than we originally expected. We don't want to make everyone wait an extra few months for an artbook that only some have ordered. For this reason, we have decided to delay the Grand Chronicle and ship the BattleCON games first. Once the Chronicle is finished up, we will produce and ship that in a second wave at no additional cost to backers

That's all the news for this week! I look forward to updating you on our progress next week!

- Brad