BattleCON Unleashed - Weekly Update – Storylines

It's been another week, and we've got more good news about the steady development of BattleCON Unleashed, Devastation Remastered, and Wanderers! Let's take a look!

But first, the art gallery!

Art Gallery

We've shown off these pieces here and there, but not really with a full explanation behind them. Sinlaire has put together these big pieces to tell the major stories in the World of Indines. Three of these were created for Devastation, which has 3 separate plotlines:

Return of the Dragon King, by Sinlaire

Return of the Dragon King, by Sinlaire

The first piece is the opening story of Devastation. Heroes Runika, Eligor, and Shekhtur join forces with a band of others to fight against the Dragon Queen Adjenna and prevent the ancient tyrant Greyheart from returning to the world. In this picture, they are shown facing off against Adjenna and Larimore Burman (who is playable as a fighter in BattleCON: Fate and as a boss in Devastation).

The Well of Souls, by Sinlaire

The Well of Souls, by Sinlaire

In the second part of the story, the main characters discover that by defeating Greyheart, they have unleashed an even more sinister force upon the world. With new allies at their sides, and after overcoming new challenges, they confront the Demon Lord Malephaise within the Well of the Souls, as they fight to save Indines from diabolic forces.

Into the Breach, by Sinlaire

Into the Breach, by Sinlaire

In this third and final piece, the world of Indines is invaded by alien forces, which must be repelled by the valiant Planestalkers under the direction of Grand Marshal Kaitlyn Van Sorrel. This plot is not a direct sequel to parts 1 and 2. Instead, it ties up a plot which was begun in the prequel game, BattleCON: War of Indines.

Each of these art pieces will appear in our Grand Chronicle artbook, as well as in Devastation's character and story guides. We also have plans to turn some of them into posters and play mats, so that you can display them in your gaming tables or gaming spaces! Look out for more info about that on our blog soon!

What's our progress?

So last week, we were planning to get a bunch of proofing and patching done. Here's where we are!

  • Patch cards for War and Fate are proof-read and will get their first revisions this week.

  • Devastation fighters are finalized and ready for press (pending a few minor edits).

  • Character Guide Text is laid out and ready for proofing this week.

  • Boss & Mode Guide is getting its final pass this week.

Once we get these last 3 tasks finished up, Devastation will be complete! After that, we just have to finish up promo fighters and patch cards, and then the gameplay portions of the project will be press-ready! :D

I'm still estimating another month on all that, and then there's the production times—so we're likely looking at a Spring delivery, realistically. I'll continue to post weekly updates like this though, so you'll be able to keep up to date on exactly what's happening every step of the way.

Thanks again for your patience and support as we continue forward!

- Brad