BattleCON Unleashed - Weekly Updates!

Greetings friends!

Here’s another week of updates on BattleCON: Unleashed! You can also find these updates on the Kickstarter Project!


Since the Devastation storyline is fairly involved, we thought an additional art piece to capture the majestic beauty of airship travel in the World of Indines would help to establish the feeling for the game.

In the piece, you can see Runika, Shekhtur, and Eligor traveling towards their next destination. Airships aren't uncommon in the World of Indines, but it takes a skilled artificer like Runika to keep one up and running.


On the Journey, by Sinlaire (click to view his gallery)

4th Edition!

I whipped up a simple logo for BattleCON 4th Edition last week. Look for this icon on game boxes to verify that you have a genuine BattleCON 4th Edition product! :D

Progress & Updates

This week, we've got a lot of progress to report! Writing is coming along smoothy for the character guides, and the boss and mode book has all of its text laid out! Here's a preview of the book in all its glory!

All we have to do now is to proof-read this one, clean up a few ends and odds, add a few diagrams and examples for the scenario bosses, and it will be finished at last! We expect to have that press-ready this week. 

We're also making progress on the box design of Devastation and Unleashed. Here's a preview of some of our card well prototypes coming together!


Kind of mesmerizing, isn't it?


The wells will hold card decks like this, for easy display and removal by pinching from the sides (Ignore that this is in a box of Trials—this is just to test the height of the proposed box, not its base dimensions)

So for this week, our task list is going to be:

  • Cross off the rest of the balance tasks for Devastation Remastered.

  • Finish the Boss/Mode Guide for Devastation Remastered.

  • Finish Character Guide 1 for Devastation Remastered.

  • Place Text for all Promo Fighters in Unleashed (this is the first step in getting the cards press-ready).

I look forward to crossing more tasks off of our list for Devastation next week. See you then!

- Brad