Our Third $5 Game: Sellsword Olympus


Enter the home of the gods for an epic head-to-head battle for glory. This weeks $5 deal is Sellsword Olympus. Each person gets 6 characters to play each round ranging from beasts like Maticore and Kraken to gods like Athena and Zeus. Use these characters to gain ground and win the favor of the denizens of Olympus. Sale ends next Friday 9/6. Get yours now before we run out!

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Sellswords: Olympus

Gather Your Armies and Battle for Olympus!

The stand-alone sequel to the hit tile-placement game Sellswords introduces 50 new heroes and 4 new Terrain Tiles. Olympus keeps the same classic gameplay as the original, but offers vast new possibilities and all new art!

  • 2 Players

  • Play Time: 30 minutes

  • Intensity: Light

  • Designed by Cliff Kamarga

  • Illustrated by Fábio Fontes

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