BattleCON Unleashed - Weekly Updates

Greetings friends!

Here’s another week of updates on BattleCON: Unleashed! You can also find these updates on the Kickstarter Project!

Wyndhal: Ancient of Autumn

About a decade ago, before Level 99 Games even started, I had an idea for a mobile game (for at that time, I was a mobile game developer) called "Wyndhal: Ancient of Autumn". It was a side-scrolling adventure where you could control the wind to help a young boy, Claus, on a quest to save his sister from the evil winter spirit. As the wind spirit, you would throw Claus at enemies, pin-balling them off screen to defeat them as you progress forward. (This is why he wears such heavy armor for a kid!)

The game itself never came together, but I did commission a cover art for the concept. Katrina Lin (the artist for our first role-playing game, Mystic Empyrean) did a great job of rendering them initially in her more serious style.

In the end, since Ancient of Autumn didn't seem like it was going to ever come out, we used Claus & Wyndhal as a promotional fighter in the first BattleCON Kickstarter, from wa~y back. (Kickstarter Projects used to be so simple, eh?)

Updated Art & Gameplay

Now, over 8 years later, we've decided to bring Claus & Wyndhal permanently into the World of Indines as fully fledged canonical characters, rather than just a crossover. Since Indines is a fantasy world filled with elementals and magic, this works out just fine without any real changes to their characters or backstory! 

To celebrate their induction into the world, we've updated their art and their gameplay. Like all the new promotional fighters post-Trials, these two will be legal in tournaments and balanced for both casual and competitive play.

(Click above for Nokomento's gallery. Click here for Corinne's gallery!)

Progress Updates

Last week, we planned to finish up the BattleQUEST and Boss Mode book. We managed to get all the text written and proof-read, as well as all the cards finished up, and the data entry done for monsters. Unfortunately, the book layout of these elements wasn't completed by the end of the week, so we're putting in extra time to get that finished up this week. We also have a writer now working full time on the character guides, so we're going to try to have the first of those finished during this week (Devastation has 3 plot arcs, and thus 3 separate character guides (or at least, 3 guides' worth of content).

In Development, we managed to finish up 3 more fighters, bringing the remaining total down to 5 for Devastation Remastered.

At Press, we're in the process of approving files for Wanderers. I want to get a white proof to see how all the components will fit into the box. Once we have that, I'll fee confident about putting the project to final press.

That's all for this week! I'm going to get to work on these tasks, and I look forward to sharing our results with you in the next update!

- Brad