BattleCON Unleashed - Weekly Updates

Greetings friends!

In order to keep everyone up-to-date on our project progress, I’ll be posting weekly updates to the BattleCON Unleashed Project! These are the same updates that will be posted weekly on the project, so if you’re already a backer there, no need to re-read them here. If you’re a late backer, or considering late backing, here’s a great place to learn about the project’s lifecycle!

My goal is to create greater transparency for the project, since it looks like things are going to be running a bit longer than scheduled. I want you to know that we're actively making progress, and that seems like a better policy than just casting dates into the far-flung future.

I also want to celebrate the gorgeous work being put together by our artists. Click on the caption below any image to see the portfolio of the artist that drew it!

This week, I'm happy to show off the progress on Andrus Dochartaigh, a bonus fighter unlocked in our stretch goals! Every backer getting a copy of Unleashed will receive this bonus fighter! 

(Click the art above for Noko's gallery. Click here for Corinne's gallery)

Andrus is a backer-created character originally introduced in Argent: the Consortium, where he taught combat arts to Divinity students. His role in the story of Indines has evolved over the years, and now he's ready to appear as a fully-fledged fighter!

Andrus now serves as a bodyguard to Princess Merjoram Alexian, the main character of the Pixel Tactics story arc (yes, Pixel Tactics has an actual plotline!). Here you can see him fighting the forces of darkness alongside his liege. 

Andrus fights with two swords, each of which possesses unique properties. By using both of these weapons in conjunction or separately, he is able to customize his attacks to suit the situation he finds himself in. We're still finishing up the balance for his final kit, but I should be able to show off some cards in the next few weeks.

What we're working on this week

During this week, we're working to finish up the Boss and Dungeon Mode Guide. The updated book will combine the BattleQUEST Dungeons of the original Devastation with the Scenario Bosses, Arenas, and EX/Almighty Play Modes. 

Since the core rulebook for 1v1 duels and multiplayer will be the same between Wanderers and Devastation, we just need to define all these supplemental modes in their own book.

Also, we've heard back from the printer on our press kit for Wanderers, and will be making a few revisions in order to sort that out. I'll keep you posted as the press status of that game continues to develop!

Completed Parts

One thing that we have finished already is the production of the card sleeves. For those fans that backed for the extra 2600 card sleeves (enough to sleeve all of BattleCON with spares), here's how that turned out!

Testing the sleeves with some blank BattleCON cards

Testing the sleeves with some blank BattleCON cards

These are now en route to the factory that's printing Wanderers and Devastation, so they can be pre-packed with pledges once those are ready!