Monday Collusion Content - Xeno X2 - Over Leveled and Production Updates!

Ithry here with your Monday Collusion Content update! Today I've got the last set fully created by a backer. As you may have guessed by the title, it's a continuation of the Xeno X-Over set by the same backer! I hope you like Star Token City cause that's where we're headed!


Production Updates

We're currently working on getting the majority of the stretch goal content tested and balanced, which we're hoping to have done around the end of September. While that is going on, we're also working on getting the variety of miscellaneous tasks for the project handled (rule and character guides, punchsheets, ads, etc.). This also includes the storage box! Our box designer, Dan, is working on getting a design ready to run by the printer. Between making the actual design and getting a working version approved by the printer, it's a pretty time consuming process. We'll show you what we've come up with when we can!

The artist for Millennium Blades, Fábio Fontes, is currently working on a few more arts for our BattleCON Unleashed project. Once he finishes those he'll be back to work on MB! Unfortunately, our last estimate of February delivery was a bit shortsighted. Fábio's been booked to a bit too many projects at once and still has over 300 arts left to do for MB. That, combined with the fact that there are a few tasks that can't be finished until the art is complete, means we'll have to push back our delivery date. Our current estimated delivery date is Summer 2020. This should give us plenty of time to get everything finished up and be a reasonable date to hit with no further pushbacks! Apologies for the past delivery dates being less accurate than we'd hope!

If you'd like to help us test the final bits of content, check out our NDA form and we'll see you on Discord!