Updated Level 99 Games Community Guidelines & Service Terms

Greetings friends,

In order to promote a safe, inclusive, and friendly gaming environment for you, we're updating our community guidelines, as well as the penalties for breaking them. These guidelines are going into effect immediately:

These rules will be enforced on official Level 99 Games Community Servers on Discord, in games such as BattleCON Online, on our official facebook pages, youtube page, at official real-world events, and et cetera. Basically, anywhere that Level 99 Games exercises an official presence online and where community members are invited to interact with each other and with our developers, these rules are in full force.

Penalties in any one community are enforced in all communities, services, games, and real-world organized play events. Thus, conduct in a Discord server or Youtube channel can result in a ban in BattleCON Online, from our facebook pages, and from real-world organized play events as well.

1. Our communities and games are a safe space for players of all backgrounds. Refrain from any posts, comments, images, speech, or other communication that the moderators of these communities deem to be aggressive, inflammatory, hateful, or otherwise disparaging to any group or subgroup of people, including but not limited to ethnic groups, genders, sexual orientations, religions, nationalities, disabilities, etc. Violations of this policy are determined at the sole discretion of the moderators. Based on the severity of the offense, the response to these actions may range from a warning to a permanent ban.

2. Our communities and games are a safe space for minors. Any content that is illegal, grotesquely violent, pornographic, or otherwise deemed to be in violation of the spirit of these rules is grounds for an immediate, permanent ban. Any solicitation or suggestion of illegal activity to another member is grounds for an immediate, permanent ban. Participating in the extended discussion of these topics is also grounds for an immediate ban, the severity and length of which will be determined by moderators.

3. We value the privacy of the members of our community. Sharing personally identifying information, including but not limited to pictures, addresses, contact information in other communities, IP addresses, et cetera of any other member of one of these communities is grounds for a ban. Furthermore, members of the community are strongly discouraged from posting such materials about themselves, and such posts may also warrant a warning or ban.

4. Our communities and games are a place for good-spirited, friendly, sportsmanlike competition. Win or lose, all members of the community are expected to be good sports and to accept both victory and defeat with good grace. At the discretion of our moderators, any unsportsmanlike conduct, including trash talk, attempts to fix matches, attempts to influence the play or behavior of other players, or attempts to delegitimize the results of official competitions, is subject to warning or bans. The use of game-altering software, or intentional exploitation of known, game-altering bugs are also grounds for a ban.

5. Our communities and games are a place for those activities alone. Members of the community should refrain from active recruitment of members for any outside activity. This includes invitations to participate in other gaming communities or activities, offers to sell or purchase property, and pressuring member participation or abstinence from any particular politics, lifestyles, beliefs, or out-of-game activities. At the discretion of a moderator, these activities are grounds for warnings and bans.

6. Our moderators have the final say in all matters relating to community administration. These moderator powers extend to all members of our staff and development teams. Arguing with, harassing, or disparaging of the moderators, development team, or other members of the Level 99 Staff are grounds for warnings and bans. Direct contact with moderators or staff outside of these community channels may, at the discretion of moderators, be grounds for warnings or bans within the community.

7. We reserve the right to modify these guidelines at any time, as well as to enforce immediately and retroactively any changes made to these guidelines. Furthermore, all warnings and bans from the community are at the sole discretion of the moderators of those communities, and may or may not carry a given explanation with their assignment.

With these guidelines in place, we hope to create an inviting, fun, open, and inclusive community centered around our shared love of gaming and a mutual respect for fellow players of all backgrounds.

Thank you all for your participation in Level 99 Games, and for your support as we continue to grow and press through the challenges ahead! I look forward to seeing you online. :)

D. Brad Talton Jr.

Level 99 Games, President