BattleCON's Lymn is in Succubus Publishing's Middara!

Hello Gamers, Today a BattleCON Favorite is crossing over into the epic and massive tabletop game Middara. Middara is a truly epic and massive fully cooperative, ultra-modern fantasy board game for 1-4 players. With its inspiration deeply rooted in JRPGS tactics games, Middara is a unique strategic experience blending over 400 unique illustrations with a narrative that spans the length of four novels worth of content.

About Lymn

After the events of War of Indines, Oriana, a cosmic god-like being from another dimension, used a resurrected girl named Cherri as a gateway into the World of Indines. This shattered Cherri's psyche, reshaping her spirit into the dimension-walking creature Lymn. Now, Lymn is back in the World of Indines, but no one is quite sure why.

Experience Lymn’s narrative and journey in the world of Middara!


This is a very unique opportunity and we are very excited to part of the world of Middara. We’re always looking for more ways to explore our character’s motives and personalities. There will be a lot to learn about Lymn on this grand adventure! We’ll be working closely with Succubus Publishing to bring Lymn to life in their world! Middara - Unintentional Malum - is now on Kickstarter. Go check it out!

This game has a crazy amount of content.

This game has a crazy amount of content.