BattleCON Online Year 4 Roadmap


It’s hard to believe that three years have passed since we originally funded BattleCON Online. With the launch of the game last September, we’ve seen thousands of downloads and tens of thousands of matches played online. BattleCON Online has been a big success in terms of getting players around the world introduced to the game of BattleCON and to the World of Indines.

With BattleCON Unleashed, Wanderers, and the Grand Chronicle Artbook coming out later on this year, we want to focus strongly on getting BattleCON Online feature-complete in time to celebrate the launch of the new tabletop game products.

So what does “Feature Complete” mean? Here’s a roadmap of our upcoming major features in BCO.


Fully-featured AI

Our current AI is fairly weak and has plenty of bugs. Our top priority will be to establish a better-working AI and to provide single player modes where you can train and master a fighter’s nuances or practice matchups you have a tough time with.

Competitive Ladders

By playing in ranked modes, you’ll be able to raise your ranking and receive rewards at the end of each 3-month organized play season. Top players will have their usernames displayed on the leaderboards, and will receive in-game rewards.


Economic Overhaul


The Gold and Rune economies are in a pretty bad state right now. We’re planning to implement updates to these economies that will make unlocking fighters and story content more straightforward, and also reward players for playing the game at the pace they like. This will also introduce overhauls to the store and quest systems. We’re hoping especially to reduce the ‘grind’ of unlocking new content, and give players more rewards for achieving mastery with their favorite fighters and with new fighters.


While it’s not something forward-facing, we’ve been delaying the implementation of a true control panel and balance reports to focus on fighters and content for a while now. In the coming months, we’re going to work on improving our administrative tools so that we can understand how players are using the game and continue to improve play and balance.

Story Features

Marmelee Greyheart Ramen4.jpg

Part of the fun of BattleCON is the ongoing story of the World of Indines. We’re planning to import a ton of the writing and artwork that we do for the Grand Chronicle artbook into a digital art gallery that can be accessed and unlocked through play in BattleCON Online. You’ll be able to collect art pieces from the history and future of Indines, and learn a lot more about the world and its characters.

Better Onboarding

Tutorials have gotten a bit better, but we are still missing a few high-level tutorials, such as a menu navigation tutorial, an introduction to the different modes, and a tutorial introduction for each new fighter that highlights their unique strengths and abilities. 

Community Features


While Discord isn’t required to play BCO, it’s basically been necessary to participate in the game’s community. We’re planning more features that will improve the lifestyle of BattleCON Online, including a news and events mailing list, automatic ban features, optional in-game chat, and bonuses for inviting friends to the game.

Bug Fixes

There are still plenty of bug fixes that need to be made to BattleCON Online, despite that we’re in a fairly stable state. These will be rolling out consistently over the next few months as we continue working to improve systems like friends, quests, and core gameplay.


In-Box Rewards

While not a feature of BattleCON Online technically, we want to have some unique rewards in every BattleCON paper product for those who play BattleCON Online. These will be things like special costumes or fighter unlocks. These reward codes will become a staple of all physical BattleCON products.

Pause on New Fighters

Wrath of elements.jpg

In order to implement these new features effectively with our limited team, we’re going to take a break on releasing new fighters for the next few months. Instead, look out for feature updates with each of our coming monthly updates during 2019! As usual, we will continue examining game balance and issuing bug fixes as necessary.

Thanks so much for playing BattleCON Online! We look forward to sharing these new features with you soon as we move towards a final release version!

- Brad