Monday Collusion Content - Super Zeroes

Ithry here with your Monday Collusion Content update! Super Zeroes is the first Expansion set in Collusion I’ll be talking about.  Super Zeroes introduces a new keyword: Heroic! Heroic lets you save other player’s cards from being flipped. While helping an opponent may sound odd at first, it can be a lot more useful than it sounds! Heroic can stop an opponent’s flip effects from activating, as well as just preventing them from being face-down for effects that care about that kind of thing. The Deck Box in the set even gives everything you play Heroic, allowing a player to crush certain strategies if they’re willing to give up their cards in exchange.

Super Zeroes also brings the Pro Type back! Previously only on Pro Player cards, this Type is featured more prominently in a few sets in Collusion.


Late Backing via the pledge manager will open later this week! The pledge manager will also allow current pledges to be upgraded and add-ons to be added. Shipping will be paid there as well. We'll be posting more information about the pledge manager as an update when it goes live!