Announcing Professor Treasure's Sequel!


Greetings, friends! Today, we’re happy to announce the secret Kickstarter Project we’ve been keeping under-wraps!


Professor Treasure’s Secret Sky Castle, is a head-to-head puzzle game where teams of adventurers compete to take as much treasure as possible from the eponymous castle.

Due to the immense popularity of the first game, we have decided that it’s about time we gave the people what they want by releasing a sequel! Enter: Professor Treasure’s 1080 Snowboarding.


Ages: 12+
Time: 20-30
Intensity: !!Extreme!!
Players: 2-5
Kickstarter: Late 2019

The Story So Far

After being strategically robbed by two coordinated but separate SWAT-like units in his Secret Sky Castle last year (so much for being a SECRET SKY Castle, huh?), Professor Treasure was forced into a period of long reflection. Was being an evil mastermind who steals literally all the treasure in the world the legacy he wanted to leave behind? Perhaps not!

To make-up for his misgivings, he’s decided to hold a series of charity events at the Sky Castle to determine his successor. This individual will receive the rights to all of his incredible gadgets, schemes, and of course, the castle itself. The first of those contests: an eXtreme snowboarding competition where no holds are barred.

The event itself is so popular that it has attracted competitors from all planes in the Level 99 Games-verse, including Indines, Millennium Blades, Seventh Cross, and more–making for the most epic crossover of all time!

Choose one of many Level 99 Games characters Including:

  • Cherri (BattleCON)

  • Low-Res Khadath (Pixel Tactics)

  • A Literal Duck (Millennium Blades)

  • Chibi Zowie (Temporal Odyssey)

  • Marco (Level 99 Games Community Manager)

  • Professor Treasure (Yes, he can become his own successor)

  • ??? (A SECRET UNLOCKABLE Seventh Cross Character)



That’s enough of the story! It’s time to delve deep into the games mechanics. How does Professor Treasure’s 1080 Snowboarding actually play? Fans of the game M*rio K*art will definitely find them familiar!

Decision-Driven Gameplay!

Players start on a Mountain Top Slope tile, with the track face-down ahead of them. Move spaces and reveal tiles as you land on them. When a tile is revealed, read its event effect and make poignant moral story choices! These could range from easy decisions, such as whether to turn left or right at a fork in the snow, to much more difficult choices like deciding where to eat with your significant other! Watch out for the Yeti with the jetpack, though! Take too long to decide and you WILL get devoured by a Yeti. In-game, of course! You’re safe in real life. . .probably.

These decisions are represented by Morality Cards that you have to constantly flip-over! Accruing the correct hand of Morality Cards will definitely help you in the end-game, where you must use them to win a game of Moral Poker and sway fortune to your side (to become the successor, of course).


Use Your favorite Item Cards to Attack!

Move over Item spaces to bring in an item card from your favorite Level 99 Game and wield it against opponents! The snowboarding is so extreme that vault cards from Argent, artifacts from Temporal Odyssey, and even weapons from the BattleCON Armory can come into play to mix things up! This marks the first time that we’ve added cross-play between our games. It’s such a wondrous innovation (note that this implies that you must own Argent, Temporal Odyssey, BattleCON Armory, and more to play this game).

This mechanic also plays deeply into the Battle Royale mechanics that we’ve integrated into the game. The Item Deck is actually directly tied to the number of Slope Tiles you have available to you. Therefore, as the game progresses, the slopes get smaller and smaller, promoting conflict and more player interaction. This was an obvious step to take, considering the popularity of the genre in video games right now!


Sick Trick, Dude!

When you pass over a tile featuring the Trick Icon, grab your Professor Treasure branded Finger Snowboard and attempt the trick on the game box–which converts into a miniature snowboard slope and ramp! If you succeed, get extra movement–and mad props too!

This adds a bit of dexterity to the game, ensuring that fans of our previous dexterity game, Disc Duelers, will feel some sense of familiarity as well!


About Professor Treasure’s Secret Sky Castle

The original Professor Treasure is a competitive Puzzle game about looting Professor Treasure’s Sky Castle. Race to find keys, unlock treasure chests, and collect priceless treasures from around the world! Send out your team of treasure hunters, each with their own unique way to explore the castle. But beware! Your opponent will try to thwart your plans and grab the treasure for themselves! In honor of the Professor Treasure’s 1080 Snowboarding announcement, Sky Castle is available as a discounted rate for the month of April. Now available on our web-store.

Professor Treasure's Secret Sky Castle

Players: 2 / Time: 30m/ Intensity: Light

Just Try and Stop Me!

Professor Treasure has stolen all of the world’s treasures and hidden them in his Secret Sky Castle! As an intrepid treasure hunter, you and your friends have finally managed to track down the castle. But another team of explorers is racing you for the prizes held within! 

Professor Treasure’s Secret Sky Castle is a head-to-head competitive puzzle game. Send out your team, explore the castle, and bring back as much treasure as possible! But beware! Your opponent will try to thwart your plans and grab treasure for themselves!

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