Millennium Blades X Red Dragon Inn


Welcome to Crossover Collusion, a series where we talk about the crossover games featured in the upcoming Millennium Blades Collusion Kickstarter. We’ll take a look at why we love these games, and how they’ve inspired the cards in their respective Millennium Blades sets!

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The Game

Red Dragon Inn has been a staple of tabletop gaming for over a decade now, and we’re honored to have the chance to bring it to Millennium Blades! For those who haven’t encountered RDI before, the best way to describe it is as a gamer’s party game. There’s enough going on mechanically to satisfy an audience of experienced players, but the action is wacky and chaotic. Most of all, this is a game that was designed for fun among groups of gamer friends–a principle that we at Level 99 Games feel immense kinship with, and one which makes it a great fit for Millennium Blades!

After 10 years continuously in print, the characters of Red Dragon Inn are practically an institution of their own at this point.

After 10 years continuously in print, the characters of Red Dragon Inn are practically an institution of their own at this point.

Why We Love It

Red Dragon Inn is an interesting and enduring game. It combines the Unique Ability mechanics you would expect from a heavy game with simple beer-and-pretzels style card play. The resulting mix means that complex things are often happening in the background, as well as in your own deck, but the core game is easy enough to follow that 3 or 4 players can stay engaged. It’s an ambitious mix, but RDI pulls it off really well, and shows no signs of letting up. Red Dragon Inn 7 just came out recently, and there’s more RDI on the way!


Where to Get It

Slugfest Games is running a new Kickstarter for the Red Dragon Inn Smorgasbox right now! This includes a reprint of Gambling, I’m In! and a number of other goodies for long-time fans of the series!


Translating it to Millennium Blades

The Drink mechanic incorporates the roundabout play of gambling with the uncertainty of the Drink deck. When a card with Drink is played, the target player must either play a random card immediately, or take a loss in points to give the card to you. These disruptive effects capture the wild and unpredictable play of RDI.


Millennium Blades: Collusion is now on Kickstarter! Come and check it out to get these cards and more!

Special thanks to SlugFest Games for allowing us to feature Red Dragon Inn in Millennium Blades!

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