Millennium Blades X Middara


Welcome to Crossover Collusion, a series where we talk about the crossover games featured in the upcoming Millennium Blades Collusion Kickstarter. We’ll take a look at why we love these games, and how they’ve inspired the cards in their respective Millennium Blades sets!

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The Game

Middara is an adventure game by Succubus Publishing. I (Brad) wasn't an original backer of this project–I only learned about it at 2018's SaltCon. From across the hall when I saw the box and miniatures propped up on the table, I was immediately intrigued. The anime-inspired art was gorgeous, the game was sprawling and stuffed with content, and a huge book of lore and storylines rested on the table beside it. 

I'm not embarrassed to admit that I was a bit awed by the game–as soon as I saw it and played a bit, I knew it was the kind of thing that was consistent with Level 99 Games's own core ideas. This is the gold standard that you should ask for if we ever get a fully-realized Final Fantasy board game.

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Middara’s artwork brings to life a bright, shimmering fantasy world that perfectly captures the classic JRPG genre.

Middara’s artwork brings to life a bright, shimmering fantasy world that perfectly captures the classic JRPG genre.

Why We Love It

Middara is a story-driven roleplaying board game in the tradition of Descent or Stuffed Fables, but with a much longer campaign arc and a more flexible character building system. Players will enter a fully fleshed out fantasy world oozing with lore and unique characters. The game plays a lot like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book merged with a JRPG: Detailed narrative segments punctuated by branching paths, skirmish-level combat, and hub areas to explore and shop. I can’t wait to get my own copy in the next few months!


Where to Get It

Its pretty much impossible to get a copy of Middara right now, as the entire print run is pre-sold-out. I recommend signing up for their mailing list so you can get in on the reprint Kickstarter which is happening this summer!


Translating it to Millennium Blades

In designing these cards, I decided to focus on the ideas of cooperation and team combat, loosely inspired by the assistance players can give each other in Middara.

With these cards, you get to choose an ally for the upcoming clash. If you or that player win, then you are both rewarded. If not, then your ally stands in front and takes the brunt of the negatives. You can use these cards to get assistance from another player or to sabotage them, based on the state of the game.


Millennium Blades: Collusion is now on Kickstarter! Come and check it out to get these cards and more!

Special thanks to Succubus Publishing for allowing us to feature Middara in Millennium Blades!

If you’re excited about this crossover, make sure to tell our friends at Succubus Publishing “thanks” on Twitter!