Millennium Blades X Dice Throne


Welcome to Crossover Collusion, a series where we talk about the crossover games featured in the upcoming Millennium Blades Collusion Kickstarter. We’ll take a look at why we love these games, and how they’ve inspired the cards in their respective Millennium Blades sets!

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The Game

Here at Level 99 Games, we keep out a sharp eye for head-to-head battle games as they come out on the market, so it’s no coincidence that we were taken in by the snappy art, character designs, and production quality on Dice Throne. Through our friends at Roxley Games, we were able to get in touch with the creators of Dice Throne, and bring these awesome character designs to life in Millennium Blades!

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Why We Love It

At its simplest, Dice Throne is a Yahtzee-based battle game. This top-level description belies the tons of content, strategies, and options available to players each turn. A deck of cards provides a way to manipulate dice and surprise the opponent, as well as to level up your fighter will additional powers. You will need to balance the advantages and disadvantages of each path every turn as you decide which dice combinations are within your reach and which to abandon.


Where to Get It

Dice Throne Season 2 is still in the process of shipping out to backers, but you can reserve your copy on the official website!


Translating it to Millennium Blades

Like creating certain sets of dice in Dice Throne, the Dice Throne Millennium Blades cards allow you to gain powerful effects if you can create sets of things in game like Star Values, Types, and Elements. The larger the set you build, the better the effect!


Millennium Blades: Collusion is now on Kickstarter! Come and check it out to get these cards and more!

Special thanks to Dice Throne, Inc. for allowing us to feature Dice Throne in Millennium Blades!

If you’re excited about this crossover, make sure to tell the Dice Throne Team “thanks” on Twitter!