Millennium Blades X Burgle Bros


Welcome to Crossover Collusion, a series where we talk about the crossover games featured in the upcoming Millennium Blades Collusion Kickstarter. We’ll take a look at why we love these games, and how they’ve inspired the cards in their respective Millennium Blades sets!

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The Game

Tim Fowers of Fowers Games is a designer that inspires me. The care that Tim puts into the games, both stylistically and gameplay-wise is inspiring, and it’s made Fowers Games a household name among gamers in spite of the fact that they can't be found in most retail stores. 

Burgle Bros is a cooperative puzzle game that puts you in charge of an Ocean's Eleven styled team of robbers. The aesthetic is reminiscent of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Secret Squirrel, and a host of other long-gone Hanna-Barbara favorites. Slapstick comedy and wacky gadgets and hijinx abound and you thwart guards, explore the game's labyrinthine buildings, and crack safes to escape.

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Why We Love It

The gameplay of Burgle Bros is clean-cut and fast-paced once you get going. Players move around the building and attempt to find the safe while avoiding guards. You can work together and use the building's alarms to lure away the guards as you crack safes and proceed to the higher floors of the building, eventually escaping from the roof with all three safes. If any one member of your team gets caught, however, the heist is over!


Where to Get It

The best place to get anything from the Fowers Games line is Tim’s own website. Make sure to check out Paperback too, if you haven’t seen that one yet!


Translating it to Millennium Blades

Burgle Bros is all about stealing and not getting caught. The nine Burgle Bros cards portray each of these skilled thieves, and features a heist-worthy play effect. With a little setup, you can steal a ton of points from your opponents–as long as the card isn't caught!


Millennium Blades: Collusion is now on Kickstarter! Come and check it out to get these cards and more!

Special thanks to Fowers Games for allowing us to feature Burgle Bros in Millennium Blades!

If you’re excited about this crossover, make sure to tell Tim “thanks” on Twitter!