💯Top 5 NEW Combos to Save Your Best Friend from OBLIVION!💯


Attention, duelists, it’s me: Marco! As many of you know, Millennium Blades is one of my favorite games and with the new Kickstarter for Collusion out, I felt like it was only appropriate to give you all a small sneak peak into the new cards we’ll be seeing in this set. Specifically, I want to get into some new combos you can possibly make use of in your games!

NOTE: The Collusion cards featured here are still in testing and aren’t final, so they are subject to change. However, even if the cards change, hopefully, this exploration into some cool combos can spark some joy in your deckbuilding and get you excited for shenanigans!

5 - 1080 Butchered No Scopes


Our “Shoulders of War” set features a unique new Deck Box in the form of the 1080 No Scope, which has a sizeable payout of 40 RP if you can win a Clash at -3 STAR. This is quite a risky proposition. Even if 40 RP is a lot for an Action on a Deck Box, winning a Clash at -3 STAR is quite troublesome, especially without the correct Top card to back you up. Enter: Matsu the Butcher.

The Butcher is part of the Base Core set, so it isn’t much of a stretch to see him in your games (he’s always going to be in the Store)! Matsu has a unique set of skills that make him one of the game’s best Clashers, seeing as his Top effect gives him +2 STAR when clashing! This almost entirely negates the negative on 1080 No Scope, making the condition much easier to fulfill. As a small bonus, Matsu’s Ongoing will give you a small 8 RP boost on top, which makes the payoff that much sweeter!


4 - Edge Cases


Sometimes, cards become quite awkward to play due to some of their negative effects that exist because of a weird thing called “balance”. Luckily, according to Rules Section 2.a subsection Z under the “Niche Rule Addendum”, you don’t have to do them all the time, especially if you’re a sanctioned Tournament Judge like Raul Sawyer. With his knowledge of obscure interactions and previous dubious rulings by judges (which were totally not made by him), he can skirt past some of the effects on cards!

Raul’s Tournament Power allows him to declare a specific Trigger and prevent it from working until his next turn. This is commonly used to interrupt or delay powerful opponent effects from happening. However, you can also use it to negate your own effects, if you perform your Action before playing a Single. Should the Single you play have a negative effect on it, like Grand Inquisitor Melchior, you can totally bypass it and reap only the benefits of his 30 RP Score effect!


3 - VIP Take Out Lunch


You know what’s annoying? Losing RP every time you try to score RP during a turn. You know what’s even more annoying? The same thing, but for 3 turns! Taken Out is part of the new “FASTER” set and has quite an interesting Top effect which, essentially, turns the entire game upside down! Rather than gaining them points, everyone’s precious cards will cause them to lose points instead. What a betrayal!

Naturally, the balance to this is that, on your next turn, you’ll be forced to play another card, resulting in Taken Out no longer being your Top card and ending its effect. However, what if we just, like, passed our turn?

Using Accessories like the VIP Pass and the MB Limited Edition Lunchbox allows you to pass your turn as an Action! This accomplishes two things. First, you don’t have to play a new card, meaning that Taken Out gets to stay your Top card! Second, since you passed, your opponents are now forced to play even more cards into Taken Out’s effect, resulting in them losing even more RP! Now that’s what we call control!

Note: This card was the centerpiece of one of my decks in the Collusion Team Mode livestream we had a few days ago! WATCH IT and see the card in action!


2 - Feud of DOOM


People might say that infighting is often detrimental to any group, but in Millennium Blades, infighting is totally in this season! Collusion, despite its name, encourages conflict with its new Feuding Family card from the “Come On Down!” set. With its special Play effect, this new card allows you to Clash with YOURSELF, proving once and for all that the true enemy is within!

Feuding Family’s Play effect allows you to Clash with two cards in your own tableau. You gain RP equal to the winning Card’s STAR and, more importantly, return the losing card to your binder. This means that an extra slot in your tableau is opened, allowing you to play even more cards during a tournament! All of these advantages are put to great use in this combo. Yurgatrox, Herald of DOOM gives a decent amount of RP when you play it, but it loses you even more RP during the Score phase, meaning that you have to somehow get rid of it before then! Usually, players attempt to Flip it to mitigate the negative effect.

Feuding Family takes this to a whole new level. Remember that the card enters play first, then its Play effect resolves, meaning that Feuding Family can cause a Clash between itself and Yurgatrox. Given that Feuding Family has is a whole 2 STAR larger than the Herald, you’ll most likely return Yurgatrox to the binder. Not only will the bad Score effect not trigger, you’ll have gained 7 RP from Feuding Family’s Play effect while getting extra space to play another card!


1 - Exaltius, Disruptinate!


“NO! That’s impossible!”

You better believe it! Exaltius is back and is more victorious than ever! With his new Score effect, he can, possibly, gain you over 1.5 times more RP than that old Exaltius ever could. What’s the down-side, you ask? The condition is a bit strict. You’re forced to, essentially, flip your whole tableau, then play Exaltius as your final card while not gaining any RP and leaving your hand empty. That’s quite restrictive, considering that the old Exaltius at least let you make use of the other card effects to gain RP. However, contrary to how it may seem, Exaltius, the Victorious has a much easier time activating its Score effect from a deckbuilding standpoint.

Exaltius’ Score effects cares that you have 0 RP. It doesn’t care about your opponents’ RP! So, if you’re bringing your RP down, you might as well drag opponents down with you! Talia’s Play effect (and most of the effects from “AD 2400”) does exactly what you want. It brings your RP total down (in case some jerk decided to “donate” points to you via a Clash or some other effect), while also letting you discard a card, which is quite useful for Exaltius’ “no cards in hand” requirement. However, this presents a secondary problem: playing Talia leaves her face-up on the tableau!

That simply won’t do. This is where Florian comes in. She has the wonderful ability to Flip any number of cards in your tableau, letting you fulfill that condition quite easily! One important thing to note is that a card’s Play effect “sees” the card itself, meaning that Florian can actually Flip herself with her own Play effect, making it a great way to “wipe” your cards before Exaltius drops!

This combo requires a few rules shenanigans to pull-off right. You need to enter the Tournament with less than 8 Singles in your deck and you need to order your turns correctly, making sure you don’t accidentally play gain RP as you’re playing your cards. However, if you can make the stars align, you can easily disrupt everyone while scoring a hefty 250 RP for yourself. Now, that’s value!

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And that brings me to the end of the article. There are a lot of wonderfully exciting cards coming to Collusion. Again, the combos might not hold true until release, but I hope that I’ve shown you some of the exciting new things you can do with the cards from Collusion! Tell me what your favorite combo is in the comments! Happy gaming!

If anything in this update interested you, I suggest checking the Millennium Blades Collusion campaign on Kicksterter!

P.S. Yes, I also have a card in Millennium Blades! Maybe I should write about that some other time as well!