Just Like Real Life - How Money Wins Games (Collusion Rule Changes)💰 👌

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Hey, duelists! Marco back with another Millennium Blades article. Specifically, I want to talk about Money. Money, as we all know, is totally the only thing that ever matters in life, since it lets you buy more cards in your favorite CCGs! Naturally, this is true in the 107% true to life accurate CCG simulator that is Millennium Blades. However, I think it would benefit all of us to understand WHY Money is so OP.

Made for Money

Make it rain!

Make it rain!

If you want to understand why Money is so important in Millennium Blades, it’s often enough to look at the core of the game: you BUY cards and, then, use them in Tournaments. Buying cards is at the core of the game and, often, dictates how strong your tournament performance will be. After all, those that spend the most money to get the best cards from the Store or the Aftermarket often have the best-performing decks! However, more than this, it’s important to understand that it’s not necessarily having more money that wins you the game, seeing as most people start with the same amount of funds (unless, of course, you’re Fulton).

No, in fact, the key to Victory is actually proper Money Management. Given that you have a limited number of Sell Markers, there’s only so much space for you to get extra cash outside of the basic income you get each Deckbuilding Phase. Therefore, knowing when to spend is a crucial skill in winning any children’s card game.


Points are Money and Money is Points

A literal million-dollar smile.

A literal million-dollar smile.

Sometimes, not spending Money at all is the optimal top tier strategy. This was often the case for Fulton Suitcase, who would use his increased income to scam games away from other players near the end. See, at the end of the game, any leftover Money gets converted into Victory Points (VP), which are the main metric for winning the game.

Despite what many people may think, winning Tournaments and completing Collections are not the key to victory. They are simply ways to get VP, but they are not the ONLY ways to get VP, so hyper-focusing on them is often a mistake.

Savvy players like Fulton have optimized their Money Management by realizing that, if they can somehow save a lot of Money while also completing small Collections and placing 3rd in Tournaments, they would pull ahead of the pack because their extra Money would yield added Victory Points that are worth way more than the difference between 1st and 3rd place at a Tournament, or a 4-card and 7-card Collection.

This means that, while everyone is clamoring and spending money left and right, strong Millennium Blades players are a bit more thrifty and choose their purchases wisely. It has since become the dominant strategy for most of the modern meta. That is, until we were introduced to Collusion.


Collusion: Literally Game-Changing

They love collections, just like their kid.

They love collections, just like their kid.

Collusion introduces a new set of rules that shake-up the modern meta game. Quite literally, the game has changed! This is because Money no longer gets converted into Victory Points in the end game! Instead, the game now makes use of NPCs, which function like “mini-quests” that reward you with VP for completing certain objectives in exchange for a Sell Marker. Even if you’re not playing with Collusion, the expansion releases a set of base game rule changes that negatively impact the efficiency of Money for VP. Rather than a conversion rate of 4 Money for 1 Victory Point, we now have a rate of 5 Money for 1 Victory Point, which is an effective 25% increase in cost. This makes the popular “stockpile Money” strategy significantly weaker, especially when one amasses a significant pile of cash.

However, not all is lost. While losing the direct ability to “purchase” VP using Money, certain other rules have been changed to accommodate. Most notably, players now have 4 Sell Markers instead of 3. In addition to this, Sell Markers are no longer needed to perform card Fusions. Both of these allow players to make more Aftermarket sales, which, in turn, generates more Money for everyone overall. So, even if you can’t swipe wins from people in the end game, proper Money Management can still let you eek out those NPC quests, Collection Completions, and Tournament Wins that all, ultimately, contribute to your VP.

Speaking of Tournament Wins, Money now plays a vital part in that outside of Deckbuilding!


Pay to Win: Money Interaction

Originally limited to a few select cards and characters, players now have easier access to powerful mid-tournament buy and sell effects that can let them use or even gain Money in the middle of a high-stakes Tournament. These effects range from simply gaining Money to gaining RP based on Money-reliant factors. Rather than try to explain them all, it would be useful to simply preview two of the cards here.


Your eyes do not deceive you, friend. There is now a Money deck archetype, which focuses on the buying and selling of cards during a Tournament. Shilly the Millennium Dollar doesn’t gain you a lot of RP, giving a measly 15, but it also gives you a massive fund of 15 Dollars, which is essentially Fulton’s Character Power on a card! However, it doesn’t end there. The Merch Booth Deck Box furthers this archetype by giving you RP equal to double the amount of Money you spend or gain in any given Tournament. So, not only is Shilly giving you 15 Dollars, the Merch Booth’s Ongoing effect gives you a hefty 30 RP payoff as well! It’s also important to note that there’s no maximum limit on the RP you can get from the Merch Booth, which means that you could possibly pay your way into winning the Tournament by a landslide!

Therefore, even if Dollars can’t be used to “buy” VP, it can now be more easily used to directly impact the point scoring of a Tournament, which lets you pay to win; just like in real life!

That brings me to the end of this article. I do hope you all enjoyed it! If you like what you read, or want to use your copious amounts of cash to make your opponents grovel at your feet like peasants, I suggest backing the Millennium Blades Collusion Kickstarter!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look into more investment opportunities.

And by “investment opportunities”, I mean buying trading cards, of course! See ya next time!