Community Spotlight: Vidjalante's Remiliss Cosplay

Welcome to one of our Community Spotlights, everyone! As per usual, I’m Marco and I’m here to highlight some awesome work from our fans. This time, we want to throw a spotlight on the amazing Vidjalante and her Remiliss Cosplay!


When I first heard that someone was planning to cosplay as one of the Exceed Seventh Cross characters, I was quite delighted to hear it. A large majority of the characters wear very “mundane” outfits, such as suits and jackets, which made them quite easy to “closet cosplay” using clothing that you likely already have around the house. However, if the image above tells you anything, I was looking at the wrong set of characters.

Remiliss is an interesting character, sporting a full bodysuit, armor, and a face gas mask. These unique traits, of course, also make her a difficult character cosplay, especially in comparison to other cast members. I mean, I doubt anyone has leg armor lying around in their closet. Regardless, for as difficult a task as it seemed, Vidjalante pulled it off quite well, even making the armor from scratch! I asked Vidjalante about her experience making the costume. Here’s what she had to say.

Rockin’ them 6-inch heels!

Rockin’ them 6-inch heels!

Remiliss being my first cosplay, I had no clue exactly what I was getting into when I tackled a character that would require so many new skills to replicate. From her armor, to the bodysuit, to the gas mask, to the wig, to the 6-inch heels, I learned so much!

It seems that it took quite a bit of learning to get everything just right. I can only imagine the amount of work Vidjalante had to put into everything. Cosplay can be quite difficult, especially if it’s your first time trying to making a full costume. With that in mind, I decided to ask Vidjalante about the final result. Did everything go to plan? Was it worth the effort?

All of the hours, money, and maybe a little blood came out to this incredibly rewarding result. I'm so happy that I chose to become Remiliss for a few days. Despite walking around in a full bodysuit and heels in the 100 degree heat, none of that seems to matter in comparison to the amount of happiness I get from playing Exceed and cosplaying an incredibly fierce nuclear girl.

That radioactive symbol’s my favorite color!

That radioactive symbol’s my favorite color!

Fierce nuclear girl is right! Thanks a lot to Vidjalante for all her hard work and passion! This cosplay absolutely blew us away when we first saw it. If you wanna keep tabs on more of her creations, follow her social medias here:

Instagram: @vidjalante

Liked the Photos? They were taken by Loc Photos. You can find their work here:

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That does it for another awesome community spotlight. I’m honestly flabbergasted at how talented our fans are! If you have some creations you wanna share with us, tag us on Twitter (@Level99Games) or send me an email (

See you in the next spotlight!