Empyreal Spells & Steam - Progress Updates and future happenings from Level 99 Games

Greetings friends,

I'm back with updates to Empyreal, as well as our other projects! Here's a breakdown:

  • I heard back from the printer on the completion time for the project. Due to the Chinese holiday last week, we're anticipating the production of all items to be complete on November 2nd.

  • Based on that, games will be shipping from fulfillment centers around the end of November, or at the latest early December, depending on how crowded ports are at that time of year and whether we incur any customs delays.

  • I still need to research and book a European fulfillment center, since it's unclear if we can ship from the UK to Europe after the end of October. If you have any good experiences with EU fulfillment centers, please let me know in the comments!


Other News

We're preparing our 2020 games lineup this week (probably for the next two weeks, realistically) and getting this project and others prepared for press. We have a lot of really fun projects coming up in 2020, and right now we're in the process of working with graphic designers and artists to help bring those to life early. Doing more of our art and graphics up-front will help us to avoid long post-KS wait times like we had on Empyreal.

Meanwhile, we have several other projects at press. Pixel Tactics Legends and a reprint of Argent: the Consortium are being produced now. We're hoping to consolidate these games at the factory printing Empyreal (Longpack) and get them all on the same boat to the USA. These games are scheduled to be done around at the same time as Empyreal though (around October 15th and October 30th, respectively) so we shouldn't lose any time waiting for them.

We have three big conventions coming up before the end of this year: Essen, BGG Con, and PAX Unplugged. We're planning to make big appearances for Empyreal at all three, though only PAX Unplugged is likely to have copies on sale. If you are attending BGG or PAXU, you should be able to find Empyreal in the hot games room or at the tabletop gaming library, so make sure to check out a copy and try it!

Beyond that, we've got a ton of other stuff going on for our other two KS projects, BattleCON Unleashed and Millennium Blades Collusion. We're also preparing for our next major project, Seventh Cross, to launch sometime in January, once Empyreal is fulfilled and the year-end holidays are past us. 

Speaking of year-end, we have some pretty fun promotions coming up for the holiday season! Now that we have our new office and our new mailing address, I plan to make mail a more integrated part of our holiday celebrations. If you feel like sending us a postcard later this year (an Empyreal Postcard, even!) we'll have some fun goodies to send back in our reply! :)

Anyway, that's most of the news from me, but I'm here to answer questions as you have them. Thanks again for your patience and help making Empyreal possible! I'll continue to keep posting weekly updates with any new information that comes to light.

- Brad

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