Empyreal Spells & Steam - Weekly Updates

Hey everyone,

It's been asked that I give more regular updates on the status of the project, so I'll start posting weekly updates here on Empyreal, even if there's no major news. I'll also talk a bit about adjacent projects we are working on at the present (things related to Empyreal, but not necessarily part of this project).

Production Timelines

China (where our production factory is located) is on holiday this week. I've received mixed reports that the production on all games will be completely finished between October 15th and October 30th, and the holiday delay is likely part of this confusion. I send weekly update emails to our printer to confirm the timeline, so we should receive clarity in the next few days on an exact target date for completion.

Our freight forwarders have already been notified of the coming shipment, and our fulfillment centers are ready to go. Empyreal is cartoned SIOC (Ships-in-own-carton) so the fulfillment centers just need to put a label on it and hand it to the post once it arrives.

The next step for us at headquarters is to compile everyone's addresses from Pledge Manager and send them to the fulfillment centers. I'm going to wait until the games are on the water for this step, however, just in case there are any last-minute address changes, as those can be quite messy to sort out once the lists are in the hands of the fulfillment centers. Also, I've learned that people tend not to send me their address changes until we announce a concrete shipping date, so I expect a big influx of these once we have games on a boat.

World of Indines & Grand Chronicle

You may have noticed from the project page, but most of Level 99's major games are part of a larger, cohesive world, the World of Indines. We're currently working on an ambitious project to bring together all of the storylines from these games, plus a bunch of awesome new artwork, to create a huge gazette of the world of Indines called the "Grand Chronicle." Each game has its own story, and each story is getting a big new illustration to bring it to life.

Here's a look at the piece that headlines Empyreal's section:

Sinlaire Art Splashes10.jpg

Created by the talented Sinlaire. Click here for his gallery online!

This big artbook and story guide will probably be available sometime next year, so please look out for it! :)

Other News

Our new office move in is coming along well, and I think we're mostly settled in now. Our next big advancement is setting up our new online store. We're partnering with a new company (who will also be shipping Empyreal) and should be able to offer much more competitive shipping rates from our online store, as well as a bunch of new items we weren't previously able to stock. Look out for more news on that soon! :)

Anyway, that's all the major news I can think of at the moment. I hope that you're all having a great week so far. See you next week!

- Brad

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