Millennium Blades: Collusion coming to Kickstarter next month!

The next big thing in the world of Millennium Blades is around the corner. Millennium Blades: Collusion is scheduled to hit Kickstarter in February.
What can you expect from our next Kickstarter? Read below!

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Team Mode

Team mode allows for 4 or 6 players to play Millennium Blades in a 2v2, 3v3 or 2v2v2 game! Combine the power of your decks to bring your opponents down!


Crossover Madness!

We’ve teamed up with 12 different companies to bring you a brand new slew of crossover promo cards! These new cards will be free for backers of the project, and we’ll be showcasing them in the coming weeks!

Millennium Storage Solution

Millennium Blades: Collusion will feature a storage solution that will fit ALL your Millennium Blades content from both major and mini expansions! If you are completionist, you do not want to miss this!

Backer Custom Sets

Like before, you will be able to pledge on Kickstarter to create your own card or entire card set!


Updated Rules

New rules re-balance the game. No more giant store decks or money ruling end game scoring!

New Sets

Over 15 new sets. Add more variety to your store deck!

New Characters

Collusion features 6 new characters with all the trappings you’ve come to expect, including Pro Player cards and character Deck Boxes!



NPCs (or Non-Playable Characters) allow for a new way to gain VP in lieu of money! Find the cards an NPC wants and turn them in with a Sell Marker to gain their card and the VP on it!

Official Facebook Group

Hang out with other Millennium Blades fans in our official Facebook group!

Character Quiz

Click this image to take the quiz!

Click this image to take the quiz!

Hey, everyone, Marco sneaking into Chris’ blog post! In light of Brad’s Player Archetypes blog, I’ve made a quiz that lets you find out which archetype you are! Are you the creative designing Deques or the community organizing Morrey? Take the quiz to find out!

Note: The cards in this article are still in testing. Art and effects are not final.