Review Review - A recap of reviews for our games!

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Hello, friends! Marco, here! Over the past few weeks, reviewers have mentioned some of our games in their 2018 summaries and con reviews. In fact, some have even reviewed our games in full videos! We thought it would only be fair to give a shout-out to these creators as thanks for their mentions.

That’s what the Review Review is about! It lets you find reviews for our games; all packaged in one convenient place! Without further ado, onto the Review Review!

Winter Moon Games

The folks over at Winter Moon Games reviewed Automata NOIR in this video! Check it out to see what they think! And, in case you missed it, they did a video on Professor Treasure’s Secret Sky Castle, too.

For that video, click this link: Episode 2: Professor Treasure’s Secret Sky Castle

The Lucky Roll

The Lucky Roll makes use of an interesting format by comparing Argent: The Consortium with Lords of Waterdeep! It seems that they like Argent’s world and story, which is something we’re glad about.


Space-Biff! mentioned both EXCEED Season 2 and Temporal Odyssey in their Best Week 2018 lists! Their themes for these articles were about laughing and breathing fresh air into a series. Either way, we’re happy to see our games made the lists.

If you want to know what they have to say, click these links: Best Week 2018: The Hilarious! and Best Week 2018: The Revitalized!

Dustin Crenshaw’s Top 10 of 2018

Dustin looks back at games played in 2018 with the criteria of “new to me.” The article comprises of multiple lists, ranging from the worst games to the best games. They mention EXCEED: Seventh Cross - Hunters VS Demons! Spoiler Alert: It’s not in the worst games list; that’s for sure!

Check the article out by clicking this link: TOP 10 Lists for 2018.

Big Boss Battle

B3 takes on BattleCON: Online! In their article, they talk about their thoughts on BCO, which amazes us because they admit to not even knowing about BattleCON the boardgame prior to the review. Regardless, it’s definitely a good read in our opinion!

Read the article here: BattleCON Online - A Finely Tuned Cardboard Clash

Eric Buscemi on PAX Unplugged

Eric talks about their PAX Unplugged experience, including mentioning some of the games they played while on the show floor. We also just happened to be demoing EXCEED: Street Fighter at that time, so you know what Eric ends up talking about with regards to our booth.

Read up on Eric’s experience here: PAX Unplugged 2018 Recap

Cardboard Clash

David from Cardboard Clash mentions a few of our games in their 2018 Year End Reflections. This includes games like BattleCON and Millennium Blades. While we understand why the folks at Cardboard Clash would like BattleCON (as they do tend to review 1-2 player games), we were pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of our CCG Simulator game Millennium Blades!

See David’s thoughts here: Year End Reflections | Cardboard Clash

SAHM Reviews

SAHM Reviews has partnered with us many times for their giveaways and so this one isn’t really about a specific article, but more of a tag about most our stuff that they’ve reviewed. This, of course, includes our set-taking Monster game I Can’t Even with these Monsters!

Check out more of their stuff here: Articles about Level 99 Games

That’s all we have for this Review Review! If there are any reviews that we’ve missed, tell us in the comments! They might just make it into the new Review Review! See you on the next one.