Rheye Reveal - Seeing the Sojourner


Hello, backers! Another character preview here from Daniel. This one’s art isn’t final and her abilities are still being tuned a bit, but we figure you want to see what your first stretch goal fighter does!

Today’s preview is Rheye Kal, a powerful Celestial who fights by controlling the board with limited-use Seals. Each one gives her a special trick that activates when the opponent moves or is moved onto it, either disrupting their triggered abilities or giving a 3-life swing depending on who’s hitting this beat. She’s a Flight 5 Tactician specializing in surprise disables and powerful trades when the opponent least expects it, as well as some powerful burst mobility and space control.

(Note that Seal of Silence does not disable End of Beat effects, that’s being updated.)

(Note that Seal of Silence does not disable End of Beat effects, that’s being updated.)

Rheye’s UA packs a hell of a punch. The opponent Driving into her and stepping on Seal of Retribution might be a balanced trade even without hitting them with her attack, and Seal of Might grabs her just as much Power. You’ll note that the two damage-related Seals require someone to hit, so either player Dodging is really awkward for her – and once a Seal is used she’s not easily getting it back. More on this later!


Rheye UB.jpg

Wrath is a very good Unique Base, not just because of 4 power and Stun Immunity but also because it’s her only way of getting back spent Seals (which means that it getting Dodged is totally fine). An opponent who doesn’t move pretty much isn’t getting hit, but if you do hit it can take a solid chunk off the opponent’s life total.


As a character with a powerful UA, Rheye’s damage numbers are just about Gaspar-level – in other words, horrid. Getting a better-than-zero modifier on her styles takes a Seal of Might just about always, so she has to make up for it with other tricks: Angelic’s enormous movement, for example. While cornering yourself can be pretty useful, the On Hit move the opponent lets you drag people into Seals and the movement lets you avoid the counterattack.


And for opponents who don’t want to move, Sacrificial lets you get some additional power or utility at the cost of spending an extra Seal. Sacrificial Drive with Seal of Silence (or Sacrificial Grasp at Range 1 with Seal of Silence on the board, moving them into Seal of Might) can set up some really scary un-Dodgeable combos, and it gives the opponent a reason to actively remove her Seals so she can’t activate them at her leisure. Note that she’s the one activating the Seal, so Sacrificial doesn’t let you hit with Wrath unless the opponent also activated a Seal from moving.


Speaking of activating Seals at her leisure, Celestial’s Start of Beat is another full-board trick that lets you Ante a Seal in front of them and pull them onto it, though Burst tends to avoid it entirely. Celestial Wrath, unlike Sacrificial Wrath, can be a strong combo when combined with Seal of Might.


Divine’s the answer to them Dodging through a whole group of your Seals, and its statline is actually fairly respectable. It’s not guaranteed to actually do anything, but the Soak 1 lessens the sting when it does miss and preserving two Seals from a dodge is extremely useful.


Lastly, Faithful’s her high-Power style… sort of. +0 Power and Soak 1 or Soak 2 can trade extremely well with Seal of Retribution or Seal of Might, and it combos nicely with Shot or Strike at close range for a big hit every so often. If you don’t activate any Seals, though, the Style’s not terribly impressive – but that’s a common trend here. Stun Guard 3 is quite a bit, and combined with +0~2 Range it’s a very very consistent Style (even if you need to throw a 2~5 Range Burst out there as a fake Shot and hope for the best).


Rain of Swords is a simple Finisher – if the opponent ends the beat adjacent to a Seal, they risk eating a fast 7-damage hit since Rheye can ante the second Seal adjacent to them. Burst and Dodge both get out, but will trigger at least one Seal for her to take advantage of.


Celestial Nova looks fairly weak for a Finisher, but its potential is massive. Anteing a Seal of Might or Seal of Retribution behind them ups it to 10 effective Power (with the Soak 2 and a hit for 5), plus pushing them all the way across the board opens up a likely-guaranteed Celestial Might. Engage her in close combat at your own risk!


Rheye’s entire gameplan revolves around Seal combos, especially Seal of Might for extra damage. Her ranges are somewhat awkward except for Faithful and unless she specifically calls out Dodge using Divine she risks getting several burnt (and they go away much faster than she can regain them with Wrath generally), but being able to cycle +3 effective Power is a huge benefit – or a free hit with Seal of Silence to call out movement effects. In general she tends to have a weaker late-game because her seals become more predictable, in exchange for powerful mixup and the ability to smite people for either significant burst damage or small, safe beats.

We hope you enjoy playing her!


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Content - Daniel Honig, Balance Lead

Editing - Marco De Santos