BattleCON Unleashed Fanwork Showcase - Week 2

Showcase 2.png

Hey everyone! Marco here with another fanwork showcase! You all stepped-up and submitted some awesome works!

Every week, we’ll feature at least one fanwork in each of the six categories we have. Should there be no new submissions to a specific category, we will instead feature some older works that have been shared in the community over the past years of BattleCON’s history!

Remember, you can submit your works on THIS FORM!

Here’s the current tally of submissions, taken from the Kickstarter page. Remember that the chart takes some days to be updates, so don’t fret if you’ve submitted and don’t see a change in the chart just yet!


Final fanfic.png

The Stone Sculptor by Tekopo

The town of Canath, residing within the plains of Relecour, was tiny, no more than a dot on a map. The only reference that Marmelee had managed to find regarding it had been concerning some of the crafting and merchant fairs that had occurred there, but that had been long ago.

Tekopo shows us some adventures of the main Devastation cast. Follow Marms and her guardians as they look at. . .statues.

Trial in the Tomb by Xielmach

Shekhtur seeks to test her newfound claw in Baroness Ancella's crypt, but soon discovers that the claw may be a greater threat than any ghoul.

What happens when a demon claw artifact thing starts invading your mind? Xielmach explores Shekhtur’s plight.

The Weight of Office by jivjov

King Alexian XXXVII takes a moment to reflect

Fan jivjov knows how hard it must be to be king. Alexian has the weight of a kingdom on his shoulders. It can be pretty heavy.

Final Fanart.png

Hikaru and Kallistar VS Cadenza by Heather May

Heatehr gives us an ambush by a stealthy Cadenza! We really appreciate the fact that the floor is still separated into discreet spaces.


Final Cosplay.png

Tatsumi Cosplay by Trish

For those who didn’t know, Tatsumi was actually based-on Trish, her creator! Tell us if you see the resemblance!


Final Fighter.png

Bastile by Alex Norris

Bastile is a stance character with a powerful Assault Mode. However, she has to go into Cooldown Mode or risk overheating! She even has awesome art!

by Blook Mook

by Blook Mook


Veris by parchmentEngineer

ParchmentEngineer shows us their engineering skills with the mobile Veris. Using her Swing Maker, she can zip across the board in ten seconds flat!


Bosco by Alexander Szumski

Every fighting game needs a bear wrestler. Every. Fighting. Game. Bosco fills that niche by bear-hugging opponents into submission!


Final Event.png

Antwerp BattleCON Tournament by Maxim Van Bossche

Maxim organized a tournament at Antwerp Belgium! Looks like there were some intense games. We hope everyone had fun!


Final Guide.png

How to be a BattleCON Online Pro by CAnon

Seki drove me to this

BattleCON’s community wouldn’t be complete with it’s memes. Here’s a totally “legit” guide by CAnon.

A Beginner's Primer to BattleCON by Alexander Szumski

Whether you're a newcomer to BattleCON on the tabletop or Steam, everybody needs to start from somewhere. Sometimes, you need a refresher course on when certain effects happen, or to know the exact mechanics of each individual keyword. Take a few minutes with me and we'll hopefully get you on the right track.

Alexander is here to help you get your game back up to speed! If it’s understanding the basics that you need, they’ve got you covered!

How to Seven ~ Much Ado About ∅ by Vi

An intermediate guide to a character who specializes in counters, negations, punishes, sarcastic cheering, and otherwise acting the part of a mastermind.

Vi shows us how to get good with the BCO character: Seven! In this guide, they go over, in great depth, all her cards and cool interactions.

That’s enough for this week! You all really picked-up after the first one! I actually had to choose which ones would appear in the showcase. I didn’t expect so many submissions for Custom Fighters to come with unique/original art! That’s always awesome to see. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with next!

If you have a work waiting to be submitted, don’t forget to submit it by CLICKING HERE!

Good luck and see you next week!