BattleCON Unleashed Fanwork Showcase - Week 1


Hey everyone! Marco here! Since some of our stretch goals involve submitting cool contributions to the world of Indines, we thought that it would be a great idea to show off your cool stuff as the campaign is chugging along!

Every week, we’ll feature at least one fanwork in each of the six categories we have. Should there be no new submissions to a specific category, we will instead feature some older works that have been shared in the community over the past years of BattleCON’s history!

Remember, you can submit your works on THIS FORM!

Here’s the current tally of submissions, taken from the Kickstarter page. Remember that the chart takes some days to be updates, so don’t fret if you’ve submitted and don’t see a change in the chart just yet!


Final fanfic.png

Arrival of Devastation by Jesse Stern

“Short FanFic following Anath Adrasteia from the World of Indines.“

Jesse gives us a glimpse of Anath’s life on Indines. How do the characters in the world react to a legitimate walking disaster? Find out by reading the fic!

Final Fanart.png

Eustace Mini by Corphus

For those who don’t know, Corphus actually made Eustace! This dapper skeleton is ready to throw down and duel! Very awesome sculpt!


Final Cosplay.png

Group Cosplay For Halloween by Various Fans

This group cosplay features various characters from War and Devastation! Can you figure out who they are?


Final Fighter.png

Sammy and Emma by Shaun Cooley

One of our new submissions for the Kickstarter! Shaun made BattleCON characters out of some friends! The fighters even feature custom art and some interesting mechanics that revolve around cosplay and totally not being a traitor.

SammyP-character copy.png
Emma-10 copy.png

Final Event.png

BattleCON Tournament by David Arlington

Community member David Arlington holds some really awesome BattleCON Tournaments. Here's some pictures that they've shared with us! They look like they had a BLAST!


Final Guide.png

Eligor In Depth Guide Guide by Nathan Breen

“Eligor is a bruiser. Often times this means that you have three problems; position, dodge, and effects that bypass his defenses or offense.

Simply speaking: how to get where you need to be, how to defeat Dodge, how to avoid being controlled.

His strength is attrition. It is very difficult to prevent him from putting damage in and the combination of Soak and above average power means that he will eventually come out on top.

Taken a piece at a time. “

Nathan takes the time to analyze one of Devastation’s box characters: Eligor! This Templar has counter-attacking on his mind and Nathan’s not afraid to let you use it! They even do a card by card analysis! Wonderful!

That’s enough for this week! This is just a small preview of how awesome our fans are! We can’t wait to see what you’ll submit for the social goals. Perhaps these ones can give you some inspiration.

If you have a work waiting to be submitted, don’t forget to submit it by CLICKING HERE!

Good luck and see you next week!