A Preview of Stat Cards

This week, I'm excited to show off a preview of the Stat Cards, courtesy of Laura La Vito, the graphic designer for Seventh Cross.

These cards are still a work-in-progress. The Icons and text haven't been added just yet.

These cards are still a work-in-progress. The Icons and text haven't been added just yet.

Though the cards are still a work in progress, you can get a look at the stylization of Seventh Cross, and start to get an idea of how the game will look when it's in your hands. The icons on the stat cards will have a carved stone look, similar to the rest of the interface around them, and the whole card will have a gorgeous gothic stylization.

The abilities of the cards are framed in different colors, and with different embellishments in the box, based on the timing of their abilities.

Important-but-simple effects like movement and damage boosts will be represented by large icons, rather than text. Other game elements, such as various kinds of tokens, damage, or counters, will be accompanied by icons in the text box which make them easier to identify.

The bottom bar of the card holds some important information that isn't present yet on these samples–the deck the card comes from (a hunter's starter deck, an associate's sale deck, a discovery deck, etc), as well as the quality of the card (Basic, Normal, Rare, Legendary) and the card's serial number (for our own use in debugging and replacement parts).

How Stats Work

I talked a little bit in previous blogs about how the Stat Cards worked, but I'll elaborate on it here.

Each stat provides two abilities–you can use it for its own innate effect, or you can use it to copy another card with the matching stat symbol. You can also use it to pay the activation effects of weapons or Associates.

Basic Stats5.jpg

"Faith" is a Stat Card, and "Claw Rake" is a Skill Card. Both are cards that will appear in your starter deck, if you’re playing as Celinka.


"Kirin Bangle" is a weapon that stays in play, while "Emogine" is an associate that can join your hunter in battle.

Faith’s “Dauntless Faith” ability can be used to copy either the attack or support effect on Claw Rake, or for its own "Intercession" effect. Either Faith or Claw Rake could be discarded from your hand, using its Stat symbol (top right) to pay the cost of activating the Kirin Bangle's effect, or either one of Emogine's abilities.

Hopefully this gives an idea of just how much flexibility Seventh Cross gives you in approaching monsters with just a few cards in hand. The decisions are simple, but impactful, and give you many different strategies for approaching the same difficult situation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this preview of the stat cards in Seventh Cross! Look out for more updates next week, when I’ll talk about how Associates have evolved within the game’s framework.