BattleCON: Online is live now! -- All fighters free for one week!


This week, all Fighters are free-to-play!

Please enjoy all of our early access fighters during this launch week celebration! All fighters will be available to play from launch until midnight on Sunday, September 9th!

Early Access Launch Features:

  • 19 Playable Fighters, with more soon to come!
  • Battle directly in real-time with opponents from around the world.
  • Quick Match with first-in matchmaking.
  • Friends List and Friends Match.
  • Replay recent matches.
  • Play solo against a training dummy or rudimentary AI.
  • Two tutorials teach you the basics as you play.
  • Level up fighters to unlock new avatars and master costumes.
  • Steam Achievements!

Planned Features:

  • More fighters releasing monthly.
  • Ranked Play with monthly ladders.
  • Improved AI with difficulty settings.
  • Additional tutorials.
  • Additional costumes.
  • In-game bug-reporting and player-reporting.
  • Improved UI for viewing fighters' Unique Abilities in-game.
  • More solo-play modes.