Project Status Update: November 9th, 2018

Greetings friends! Starting this week, I’ll be mirroring our bi-weekly project status updates onto this space on our blog. This way, you can look here to see how things are coming along even if you don’t have access to the normal newsletter. Of course, the newsletter will still feature things like coupon codes, first-announcements for new projects, and more, so I recommend signing up if you haven’t yet!


How can we serve you?

We’ve just launched a new marketing survey to help us select our titles and build our lineup for 2019 and 2020. If you’re interested in having your voice heard, fill out the survey and let us know what you want in your games!

Participants are eligible to win games from our online store, which will be distributed after the survey ends.


Extra Life Marathon 2018

Level 99 Games is part of this year’s Extra Life 2018. You can pledge to support our local hospitals (for us, that’s University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital). Level 99 Games has already donated hundreds of dollars of games to the event, and will match all cash donations up to a total sum of $500. Please sign in and support us this weekend as we play games to help kids in need!


Without further ado, here’s our project status:

Project Status


Empyreal: Spells & Steam

Release Date: May 2019

We pushed back the release date for Empyreal a little bit after evaluating the progress we had made on artwork so far. I think May will be a much more reasonable target date for us. Of course, we will still be sending things out earlier, if at all possible.

The base game is also set to contain a number of new captains that were introduced as part of our stretch goals, and art is ongoing for them now as well.


BattleCON: Unleashed

Release Date: August 2019

The big BattleCON box is fully underway. We’re currently working on balance, product design, artwork, and logistics for production and delivery. Due to the size and scope of this project, I’ll be breaking it up into separate projects in coming updates.

The first of the Kickstarter rewards has already been delivered! BattleCON Online codes releasing the new Evil Hikaru Fighter and Magical Hacker Marmelee Costume. If you’re a backer, check your email for this code, or message our customer service if you’ve lost it. These rewards will be available for general purchase next week!

Look out for the Pledge Manager to open up soon!


BattleCON: Online

Status: Early Access Open Beta on Steam

Evil Hikaru will be released to the public starting next week! Look out for that announcement and the reveal of our next coming fighter on Wednesday the 14th!


Millennium Blades Collusion

Kickstarter Date: Spring 2019

Art and testing are ongoing for Millennium Blades Collusion. Ithry has started posting weekly updates to show off how the game is going along, so follow those to see what the future holds for our favorite card-game-about-card-games!


Seventh Cross: Hunters of the Church

Kickstarter Date: Spring 2019

We opened up Seventh Cross to playtesters last week, and we’re taking strides to continue developing and improving the gameplay. Reviewer copies should be going out in the near future, and we’ll have more information coming out weekly on the Inside Seventh Cross Blog!

We have a bunch of new unannounced projects coming up for 2019 and 2020 that we’re planning now. Look out for those to start showing up by the end of the year!