Street Fighter Preview - Vega

Street Fighter Exceed is coming to stores in January 2019! You can pre-order your copy from our online store and get our store-exclusive Street Fighter Exceed playmat as part of the pre-release bundle! Look out for a new fighter preview each week as we prepare for the game's release!


Vega is one of the classic poking characters in Street Fighter, and makes heavy use of the arena's walls to attack. We've incorporated those themes into his Exceed incarnation, making him stronger and (eventually) faster when he's up against a wall. His attacks feature great range, which he needs to leverage to make up for his below-average speed.


Key Design Idea:


Vega is competent at just about any range, so his ideal range is whatever range is the worst for his opponent. With the Flying Barcelona attack, for example, he can hit any opponent within range 1-3 of the far wall of the arena. To get around quickly, he uses boosts like the Wall Leap to set up his character ability.


Vega introduces two new boosts that reward careful play. Claw and Mask (below) are sustainable boosts tied to Vega's Ultra Attacks. As long as he isn't stunned, he can keep these in play and keep up pressure on his opponent over multiple rounds.


Vega’s Ultra Attacks cover his close and mid ranges with fairly reliable high-damage attacks. While he doesn’t need the extra damage to close out a game, these moves generate a lot of threat and can quickly reset his board or tempo position against an opponent that has him in a bad position.


Vega doesn't get a fireball, but his Rolling Crystal Flash will beat anyone who tries to zone him out. It goes up to 7 Speed at its optimal range (and will roll under retaliation fireballs, such as Chun-Li's Kikoken and Guile’s Sonic Boom), but the proposition gets riskier against mid-range opponents, when its speed is not so reliable.


I hope you've enjoyed this look at Vega! Look out for another fighter next week!

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