Street Fighter Preview - Cammy

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Cammy's high-flying, acrobatic combat style has earned her many loyal fans. Once she's able to start crossing up against an opponent, she can unleash unpredictable combos and mixups, while narrowly dodging any attempts at retaliation. Now, she brings this unique combat style to Exceed!


Key Design Idea:


Cammy's unique ability adds a hidden layer of viability to all of her moves. All she needs to do to land a hit is to move past her opponent. This enables new and interesting plays with the Normal Attack Dive, as well as with her wide kit of high-advance moves.

Like Vega, most of Cammy's attacks will either create or reduce distance, changing the game drastically from one attack to the next. Her attack speed is decent, but not great, so she needs to maximize these constantly shifting range setups in order to zone opponents and get the most out of her unique advantages.


Cammy's Slide Boost creates a ton of interesting play with the Normal Attacks, and should rightly scare your opponents. The fact that it's not consumed until you actually play a Normal means you can sustain this intimidation and fake the mixup without losing the investment of a card.


Time to talk about ranged game. Cammy doesn't have any projectiles, but she's extremely threatening at both close and long range, due to the dodge effects on about half of her Special and Ultra Attacks. Properly used, these can render most enemy attacks useless. If she doesn't have Razor's Edge Slicer to dodge a projectile, she can always power through it with the armor on a Critical Spiral Arrow.


Cammy's Ultra Attacks capitalize on specific positions, and both are slow with specific-ranged dodges as their primary method of hit confirm. Her primary Gauge strategy is her Exceed Mode, which provides Power and Advantage–giving her access to a continuous string of attacks as long as she can keep crossing up the opponent! Maximum Cammy!


I hope you've enjoyed this look at Cammy! Look out for another fighter next week!

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